2015 Favourites…So Far!

Hey Sweeties,

We’re now quite alarmingly half way through the year so similar to last year, I am doing a post that collects up my favourites from the past few months. So with that in mind, here are my 2015 favourites so far…

2015 favourites

Grazia Magazine

I wouldn’t normally put a magazine in my favourites, particularly as I am religiously loyal to Elle (magazine), but after years of ignoring Grazia, I found myself picking a copy up a month or so ago during my lunchtime and really enjoying it. The magazine is a great mixture of articles, fashion and beauty and perfect for a light read over lunch at my desk.

Makeup Revolution Blusher Palette: Golden Sugar

Makeup Revolution Golden sugar

I reviewed this palette recently (here), and there’s no way that it wouldn’t appear in this post and more than likely when I review my favourites from across the year in a few months time, it will still have a place.

Rimmel Scandaleyes shadow stick

Rimmel Scandal Eye shadow crayons

Rimmel Scandal eye shadow crayon

(L-R) Rose Gold, Bluffing, Bad Girl Bronze & Deep Amethyst

Although these products are named differently (two being ‘by Kate’), they are -to my knowledge- the exact same. Aside from this, these are great products and I love the metallic finish they give not to mention how easily they apply and blend. I like to apply them all over my lid, and then depending on colour, I then take a darker or lighter toned eye shadow into the crease. When you want to create a dramatic eye in half the time and little effort, these are for you!

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition lipsticks

Bourjois rouge edition velvet

These are probably my most favourite beauty discovery and I still love them so much that they are making it into this year’s favourites list; to be honest it will take a lot to move them from the top spot! For a full review of this product, click here. Since this photo, I have also purchased Peach Club.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit Roller lash

You’ll remember that I was lucky enough to get a head start on this product before it got officially released back in January, and as much as I loved it instantly then, it really has grown to be my everyday mascara and I will miss it when it dries up. The problem with Benefit is that I love their products, but I struggle with the price tag and £19.50 for a mascara, no matter how much I love it, is too much. However, it is still a fantastic product and well deserving of its place in my favourites. My initial review can be found here.  

essence blush up! blusher in no.10 Heat Wave

essence Blush up! Heat Wave

essence 10 Heat Wave

Possibly the biggest surprise, mainly because without searching for Mac’s Ripe Peach, I wouldn’t have been informed that this budget blusher was the perfect dupe! The pigment is incredible and a light touch of the brush in the product picks up plenty to create a peachy-pink cheek. I recently reviewed all my blusher collection, including this product, here.

Juicy Couture Fragrance 

Juicy Couture fragrance

I love Juicy Couture! I own a couple of their bags, jewellery, clothing and I always have one of their fragrances on the go. This one I purchased in the sales at Christmas and it’s a great year round scent. One of the things I love most about their fragrances are the bottles; they are so on point with design and look great on any dressing table.

Real Techniques Limited Edition Sculpting Set

Real Techniques Sculpting Set

Of the three, I consistently use the sculpting brush (left) and the setting brush (right) to apply my everyday makeup. The sculpting brush, because it is so firm and angular in shape, takes bronzer into cheek bones amazingly well. Others have suggested that this brush is also great for foundation but I haven’t tried it for that yet and to be honest, I am unlikely to.

The setting brush is what most people seem to have gone mad for in this limited edition set and I can see why, as its size and soft bristles make applying powder underneath the eyes and around the nose ideal and accurate. You genuinely cannot go wrong with makeup brushes from Real Techniques.

Original Source Shower Gel, Vanilla & Raspberry

Original Source shower gel

This was a last minute purchase on a recent trip to Boots just before I reached the till point. For the bargain price of £1 (yes, really) this is one of the nicest smelling shower gels I have ever had the pleasure of A) smelling and B) owning. I love using it in the evenings after the gym or hockey training just before I get into my PJ’s and into bed.

And finally, my Canon DSLR 1200D

Canon 1200D

It took a year of saving £2 coins in a jar, plus a final small cash injection from my other savings to purchase this camera in January earlier this year and it honestly is one of my best ever purchases. Used mainly for blog photos, it has upped this part of posts 100%! If you can afford a good camera, do!

What are your 2015 favourites so far?

Until next time x


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