My Four Seasons of 2016 Highlights & Acceptance of Change

Hey Sweeties,

2016 has been a funny old year hasn’t it? We’ve lost a lot of people, some I’ve been truly sad about (Alan Rickman, Caroline Aherne, Victoria Wood, Carrie Fisher…); we voted to leave the EU which, while a lot of people are very angry about it, I’m a glass half full kinda’ gal and we have to look forward otherwise we just stay angry and stew over something that we simply can’t predict what will happen. Trump got elected to be the President of the United States and while Hilary Clinton definitely wasn’t a much better option (don’t kid yourselves just because she would have been the first female President), we have that to watch unfold over the next 12 months. In a recent Twitter chat, we were asked to describe 2016 in one word and for me, that word was ‘change’.

Also for me, the year always begins in spring because it’s my favourite time of year -we’re over winter and nature comes back to life bringing change and new things. The evenings get lighter, the weather warmer and we just feel motivated to do things.


Wedding Blues

I lost the first three months of 2016 to a relentless schedule of wedding planning; every day there was admin, every weekend was spent doing the bigger things. Looking back, the one thing I wish I’d started sooner was all the craft -I started a few things early on, but mostly I kept it to the end thinking that would be the fun part of the planning process, wrong! Fundamentally nobody noticed on the day, but I know I didn’t quite achieve that level of finish I wanted.

Then Saturday 2nd April arrived and I married the love of my life and the sun shone for us all day and nothing else mattered.

Some other spring 2016 highlights included my minimoon in the Peak District, and attending my first Blog at the Beach event in Leeds.


Four seasons of 2016

Once my wedding was out of the way, it was time to focus on my best friend’s wedding and I stepped into my Matron of Honour role to be there for her. I don’t know how many of you are in that wedding part of life, but believe me, watching your best friend enter into that new chapter is incredible. I was lucky enough to do her makeup on the day which while slightly stressful, was fun and it meant a lot to be trusted with that responsibility. Her wedding captured the last weekend of summer before the weather changed and we entered into autumn.

I remember being extremely busy over the summer, every weekend I was committed to something, can I tell you what all that was though? No.

Some other summer 2016 highlights included turning 29 and kicking off my countdown to the end of my twenties –here’s a list of some of the things I want to do before thirty; I was also lucky enough to see Bryan Adams perform at Sandown Races; and I went to watch the British Grand Prix at Silverstone for the first time.



In Autumn there was a personal shift in me, something in me changed and I’m not just talking about the fringe I had cut in. I think I began to learn what it was like to stop caring about the things that aren’t worth the stress. I mean, that’s a whole new blog post currently being written but mostly, I think I finally allowed myself to relax about things; I had nothing else and nobody else beyond myself to worry about and for my own mental health, it was needed. It sounds terribly selfish but you need to be selfish sometimes.


Four seasons 2016

Following my post about being so anti, and then my post about five un-festive thoughts, I made a real effort to just accept Christmas for everything it is and I’ve gained a few pounds in the process, but who cares? What actually happened is that I got so consumed in Blogmas, it left little room for anything else and Christmas sort of arrived and went and I hardly no where it went… and how we’re on the last day of 2016 already?

So looking back at my 2016 highlights, there are a couple of key ones but mostly this year was one of transition from being a girlfriend to becoming a wife with a new name to get used to. I literally have no clue what 2017 will bring but so far my husband and I have been busy planning trips such as our honeymoon, and booking tickets for some gigs. I think 2017 might possibly be our last year of being 100% selfish both with each other as a couple, and ourselves individually but who knows eh?

Until 2017 -Have a very happy New Year Sweeties!


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