A Sweetie Christmas

Hi Everyone!

Christmas Wreath

How are we all? Feeling a bit chubs after some festive gorging? Yes, me too so a detox is on the cards I think for January and also an exercise schedule! I play hockey usually twice a week but I feel I need something else like an aerobics type class to attend maybe, so once the world is back up and running after the Christmas break I will look into it!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I went down to my Parents in Devon for a couple of days with my Boyfriend, then we went onto his Parents in Weymouth for a couple of days including Christmas Day and came back home at the crack of dawn on Boxing Day as poor Boyfriend had to work! I fortunately have another week and a bit left before I start the new job so I can kick back and relax for a little while longer yet. This coming year Boyfriend and I are really going to try nailing saving for a house and both of us are looking forward to a time when we can host Christmas ourselves for all our family rather than having to spend a few days here and there with either separately. I am really crafty so I look forward to when I can really go to town decorating the house to welcome in the festivities!

I don’t know about you, Sweeties but my Facebook feed over Christmas was filled with friends’ posts showcasing their gift loots! I will admit to you that for the last few years my family have opted out of present giving (gasp!) although this year it has relaxed a little which is nice as it’s always nice to be able to buy for loved ones and have something yourself to open on Christmas day. The reason why my family stopped buying presents (& I know we’re not the only ones), mainly in the first year was for financial reasons but now to be honest and I only but agree, we simply just opt out of the Christmas present-buying hype which consumes ridiculously the whole season beginning in like, September when the first few chocolate gift boxes and decorations starting appearing subtly in the shops! Few of us are really without anything, and I mean really without to the point where our Christmas lists feature anything of genuine need and of things that can’t be bought or later received in the year.Like I said Sweeties, I love receiving gifts as much as the next person but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to take a step back and re-evaluate things from time to time.

Ok, Mrs Boring, I hear ‘ya!

One thing that I did receive from my Boyfriend’s Parents was this amazing pair of socks! I love rabbits so anything with them on I am all over so these are a really fun addition to the collection! Cool eh?!


Advent Calendar

Another fun element of Christmas is the countdown from the 1st of December, unfortunately though my childhood history of advent calendars is quite poor. For many years one was shared between

3 of us siblings which was a simple, nativity picture-behind-the-door type and aside from the odd chocolate calendar, they have all followed the same style… Until this year! My Best friend bought this utterly amazing one from The Bodyshop (see left) and it was brilliant, such lovely little bottles of shower gels & body lotions, little pots of lip balms & moisturisers, 3 heart shaped scented soaps, lip gloss, face pack, make-up brush and one of those shower flannel things (sorry, I never know what they are called!). A gift literally behind every door! Advent calendars in my house will never be the same again!

Anyway Sweeties,┬áthere is only one thing left to say…

Happy Christmas


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