American Eagle Outfitters Fashion Haul – USA & UK

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I blimmin’ LOVE American Eagle Outfitters. I really do. Ever since I first went to New York City way back in 2007 and stepped into a store, I have loved the brand. Fortunately since visiting the States, American Eagle Outfitters have opened in the UK (I think just in Westfield?!) so I can now shop both here and across the Atlantic -win!

In today’s haul post, I thought I would combine the pieces I purchased from Westfield (London) earlier in the year, and the pieces I picked up on my honeymoon back in May (yes, still to tell you about it, I know, it’s coming -promise!).

American Eagle Outfitters Haul

There are three key things I love about American Eagle Outfitters

1. Affordability, particularly in a sale;

2. Quality;

3. Laid-back casual vibe of their clothing and accessories; they are great for layering, or wearing as stand alone pieces. In previous hauls, I have always stocked up on their hoodies and t-shirts, and thrown in the odd bit of jewellery here and there.

American Eagle Haul

Small note – I didn’t really think it through properly when I photographed the haul as the pieces are mixed rather than divided by USA and UK. Opps, sorry. Bear with.

American Eagle Haul

American Eagle Haul

The flower applique design is EVERYWHERE right now and I’ve struggled to find it on something that isn’t too young; on denim (because I don’t own any denim, true story); or on a piece of clothing that everyone has purchased. So, as soon as I saw this khaki coloured vest (above) it was instant love.

American Eagle Haul

American Eagle Haul

The checked shirt, flower applique vest, and the above stripey top with shoulder cut-outs were all purchased in the USA (specifically Boston, MA) on a 3-for-2 offer. Like the situation about flower applique detailing, I have struggled similarly with the Bardot and shoulder cut-out style that is also everywhere right now. The Bardot style I have ruled will never work for me, it just won’t as I can’t seem to handle the feeling of a top falling down, but I like the compromise of shoulder cut-outs, rather than the entire shoulders missing.

American Eagle Haul

American Eagle Haul

This summer so far, open shirts have replaced cardigans and this checked shirt (above left) is perfect to throw over vest tops and t-shirts when I need that additional layer, but not something as heavy as a jumper or a hoodie. Also, speaking of jumpers, the one seen above on the far right is my favourite style of jumper -knitted and goes with EVERYTHING!

As I get older, my style seeks pieces that are effortless and easy to wear, and places like American Eagle Outfitters achieve that for me. Where are your favourite places to buy your must-have fashion and accessories?


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