Autograph Pure Luxe Multi-Blusher Review

Autograph Blusher

Hey Sweeties,

I have been quite excited to get this Autograph blusher reviewed for you guys as for me it was a bit of a random discovery if you’ll remember from my recent beauty haul (here). Unfortuntely though, it hasn’t quite lived up to expectation. But let’s start with the positives…

I hate the use of the word ‘cute’ unless it’s used to refer to babies and small animals, but this product as a whole is quite cute; it’s small and pretty. To look at it also appears quite luxurious and to the touch it feels light and swatches well. I love the flower embossing but to be fair, that’s probably the only thing really going for it which is a real shame.

Autograph multi-luxe blusher

Autograph multi-blusher

Although on my finger the product appears well pigmented and has this lovely shimmer to it, as a blush, it does not work. The product just does not show up like I would want a blush to do so and I don’t think I can argue that it’s my skin tone, I think you would have to be darker toned for this product to show. However, I would put forward the suggestion that it would make an ok-ish highlight, still not perfect but it might be the only way to salvage this?

Autograph multi-blush

As you can see on my cheek it’s just not there but (I hope) you can see where I have used it to highlight? In the photo (above) I am wearing a BB cream…

Autograph pure luxe blusher

…and here I am wearing my normal, medium coverage foundation (L’Oreal True Match). Still not amazing but you know, making the best of a situation eh?!

I think the issue here is that it costs £12.50 which for a product that doesn’t do what it says it does is far too much… and I wouldn’t spend this much on a highlighter if I am honest. If the product cost a couple of quid then this would be a totally different story.



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