Bannatyne Spa Bristol Review & Girly Weekend with my Bestie | Blogmas Day 14

Hey Sweeties,

Like many young women, I have really learnt to appreciate the value of a good spa and how needed a day out relaxing does for both my body and mind. My usual spa of choice is the Nirvana Spa near Wokingham (review here) which I have visited a couple of times now.

There also comes a time -and I have referenced this countless times on the blog now- where you go beyond wanting or needing gifts as presents for Christmas and birthdays, the most valuable thing to be given is time! As both my family and Best Pals live 2-3 hours from me, an opportunity to spend the day together is jumped on and its value, priceless.

With the above in mind, my bestest best friend recently had a significant birthday (one I’ll be having next year myself), and so I treated us both to a spa day at Bannatyne Spa Bristol with the help of a Groupon voucher.

Bannatyne spa bristol


As part of the Groupon offer, as well as use of the pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym and classes, I could book a treatment for the both of us and a full body massage was the obvious choice. Asides from 2016 being the year both of us got married and all the stress that brings, our working life also brings stress, not just on our minds but also on our bodies, so there’s nothing more needed than a decent massage.

If you take nothing else from the rest of this post, or even this blog, take this: Full body massages are worth Every. Single. Penny! If you die and never experience a good full body massge, you honestly haven’t really lived. The massages we both experienced at Bannatyne Spa Bristol were INCREDIBLE! Painful… but incredible! Once they were done, both of us could hardly move for being so sleepy and relaxed, and our bodies were busy drinking up and absorbing all the oils that had been used.

Bannatyne spa bristol

Bannatyne spa bristol


Massages are thirsty work so after our dreamy session, we decided we needed some refreshments before hitting the pool. Inside Bannatyne Spa Bristol, there’s an area just beyond the entrance for people to sit, relax and order food and drink; providing you don’t come in dripping wet from the pool, you’re welcome to use this part of the facility dressed in your robes.

In an ideal world, rather than a smoothie I would have been able to have had a coffee or some hot chocolate… but unfortunately hot drinks could only be made via a Costa Coffee machine and non-dairy milk wasn’t on offer; for a health club I found this incredibly poor, particuarly as the Holiday Inn we stayed at the night before had soya milk readily available at breakfast. Sure I could have had a black coffee, but I didn’t want a black coffee, I wanted a nice hot drink.

Bannatyne spa bristol

Mid-morning: Coffee & Walnut cake with the Pash n’ shoot smoothie

Bannatyne spa bristol

Lunch: Delicious falafel wrap with pomegranate seeds

Bannatyne spa bristol

Mid-afternoon: Grape Escape Smoothie


I think for a spa, there’s not quite enough there for a full experience, but for a health club I thing Bannatyne Spa Bristol is perfectly reasonable. Had our massages not been moved from 2pm to 11:15am, Kate and I would have done a class or two before getting changed to use the spa facilities. That being said, all the two of us really wanted to do was have uninterupted conversation while relaxing and to be fair, that’s exactly what we got. Overall we had a cracking weekend and are already looking at booking our next bestie weekend away.

What are your favourite ways to relax?

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Until tomorrow x


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