Sweetie’s First NEOM Candle Purchase

NEOM Candle

Hey Sweeties,

Like many hundreds of you out there, I am also a big fan of candles, particularly during the winter months when the nights draw in and there is nothing more warming than the gentle flicker of a candle and the aromas that wrap around a room.

I have been longing to try candles from the NEOM collection for yonks but I draw the line at spending £40 on a candle, no matter how amazing it is. Even if I was swimming in cash I think on principle I would still have a problem with this so you can imagine my excitement last month when I saw over on Tattooed Tealady a post advertising 50% off NEOM Organics through Brummells of London. Oh my, never have I jumped at an offer so promptly and my order for the 380g, 3 wicked Invigorate candle was placed in mere minutes.

This candle is fantastic and I’ve not even taken a match to the wicks yet. The smell alone is incredible and just by taking a deep intake of this hearty zest is enough to fill you with everything you need to feel good and you can appreciate how clean it is. NEOM candles are made from 100% natural vegetable wax and pure aromatherapy oils therefore they burn cleanly without dirtying your walls with black soot, which let’s be honest, we have all had a mishap with! I literally cannot wait to get this baby burning!

Now I just need to wait for Jo Malone to have a 50% sale…

Until next time x