Death Valley & Yosemite | Trek America Diary Days 8 – 10

Catch up on my Westerner 2 Trek America trip so far: days 1-4, and days 5-7.

Day 8: Death Valley and Benton Hot Springs

This morning we met in the hotel lobby at 7am to load up, prepared for a whole day in the van crossing Death Valley. Today was long!! We had 355 miles/571km to cover to our next campsite –Benton Hot Springs, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Until reaching our destination we quite literally sweated across the desert because it was ridiculously hot, even in a van with AC! We stopped a few times en-route and while the desert is of course fascinating, it did after a point all look the same so stopping for pictures got a bit tiring.

Trek America, Death Valley

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Hiking in the Grand Canyon & Las Vegas | Trek America Diary Days 5 – 7

Hey Sweeties,

Here is the second instalment of my Trek America trip. Need to bring yourself up to speed? Days 1- 4 here. Enjoy!

Day 5: Hiking in the Grand Canyon

Today has been the BEST day so far on this trip! I have been looking forward to hiking for a while and while there are many routes available in the Grand Canyon, today 4 of us (Becky, Kay, Mr Chow and me) chose to do the South Kaibab trial (which was Lana’s recommendation) with a view of making it down to the 3rd base – Skeletal Point- and we did! Going down the Grand Canyon was quick, and dare we say we were all feeling rather cocky with ourselves, but coming up was quite tough because while it was steep, it was only really made difficult by the intense heat as I’m fairly fit but I did struggle in places. The views were stunning though! On return I realised I had some pretty funky sun burn, notably the back of my legs between where my trousers stopped and my socks started (yes really, everyone found this highly amusing), and of course my back/shoulders, lol!

Hiking in the Grand Canyon

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Meeting my Trek Group & San Diego | Trek America Diary Days 1- 4

Hey Sweeties,

I apologise it’s taken a while, but I am now finally ready to be able to publish the first instalment of my recent Trek America Westerner 2 trip which saw me travel along the West Coast of America for 14 days.

Below are days 1-4, a lot has been covered so it’s worth getting yourself a brew before you sit down, but I hope you get a feel for what the early days of the trip were like. If you have any questions about Trek America and/or anything I saw etc. please feel free to leave a comment or contact me via my other channels.


Day 1: Meeting the group & San Diego

The flight here to Los Angeles was ok, a little bit of turbulence but more than anything it was just long and impossible to get comfortable. I watched 2 films –Inside Out & Pitch Perfect 2, and an episode of Modern Family before listening to an audio version of To Kill a Mockingbird. Beyond that it was just very, very boring and there’s only so many films I can consume.

Conveniently I was sat in front of two of my Trek buddies (to be at that point) -Verity and Hannah, so we travelled to The Custom Hotel together which involved catching the free shuttle bus from LAX (it does eventually arrive, you just need to be patient).

Thanks to my now thoroughly buggered body clock, I was wide awake this morning at 4am so my worries about having to wake up for a 7:30am group meet went out the window, lol! All I can say is thank goodness for free hotel wifi and YouTube!

Asides from Verity and Hannah, I met Becky in our room at the hotel, so this morning I just had the boys (Tom & Kay from Germany, and a chap from South Korea who affectionately became known as Mr Chow), and our trek leader (Lana) to meet. All so far, lovely. Phew!

The Custom Hotel is perfectly fine for a stop over hotel. The room was clean and the beds very comfortable so I am not sure what people complain about really as there is the odd Trek review that is a bit dismissive of the hotel. At 07:30 we met everyone downstairs and got briefed by Lana before we loaded up the van and made our way into Hollywood.

Well let me just say that Hollywood is very underwhelming, I think it’s Hollywood Boulevard that we walked along to see the stars on the floor and also went into a mall area to look out to the famous Hollywood sign. That was actually really great to see but the rest of it was quite run down if I am honest, so I wasn’t at all bothered that we only spent 45-50 minutes there before jumping back in the van and making our way down to San Diego.

Hollywood Boulevard

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Trek America: My Say Yes Tour & The Beginning of a New Adventure

Hey Sweeties,

As you are reading this I am somewhere in Los Angeles having just begun my Westerner 2 tour with Trek America; 14 days of sightseeing and travelling up and back the west coast of America, visiting LA, San Diego, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park & San Francisco amongst many other destinations in between, before returning to LA and flying home.

I hope as you’re reading this, all pre-trip nerves were left at Heathrow and I am now with my fellow group of trekkers, wondering what the hell I was so worried about. I can only predict that being driven to the airport yesterday morning was hugely distressing and Ian no doubt left me in tears, but I hope that once I got through the doors, I gave myself a good slap and made myself see the amazing Trek America adventure I am about to embark on, and not to fear it.

Trek America

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Incredible Sunsets & Visiting Mumbai | The India Diaries Days 6-13

Day 6-13

From Ahmedabad, we took the train down to Mumbai and I almost cried when we arrived at our hotel as despite dreading the worst, it was lovely; clean, friendly staff and a great location for accessing the rest of the city.

We stayed down in the south of the city at Chateau Windsor, a hotel just off Marine Drive which lines the edge of the coast and was beautiful; the room even enjoyed its own balcony. Every evening after getting back from the cricket and before we headed out for dinner, we sat on the big wall that boarded Marine Drive and watched the sun set. Believe it or not, it was here Ian and I ate the best pizza of our lives and if you ever find yourselves in Mumbai in the future, you must check out ‘Pizza on the Bay’ on Marine Drive. I wouldn’t usually use this term but it was pukka! (or ‘gorgeous’ as our friend, Paul described it).


Can you spot me?

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