The ClaireySweetie Annual Christmas Advert Roundup for 2016 | Blogmas Day 2

Hey Sweeties,

As is routine for me to do each year, here is a roundup of the Christmas adverts for 2016.

John Lewis – #Bustertheboxer

After being probably the only one that doesn’t cry each year at the John Lewis Christmas advert (see my post, why so anti?), I’ve probably become one of the few who actually really like it this year (apparently people look forward to crying at these ads?).  I have not only been desperately hoping in the lead up to the advert’s release that they do something different, but I’ve been quite vocal about it too (apologies). So, when the advert got released a day sooner than Twitter was expecting, rather than wait to see the advert for myself organically on TV, I watched it online and fortunately for my willingness to get into the Christmas spirit more enthusiastically this year, I can be positive about it for once. In the unlikely event that you haven’t seen it –

The first thing that came to mind was that the John Lewis creative team had obviously been scouring YouTube for inspiration and came across dogs on trampolines (aren’t those videos great?!). Then, having got to the end of the advert and realised that not only did John Lewis not want me to cry, but also that people genuinely would struggle to, I could get excited about it for the first time in yonks. For me, I really like that they’ve gone for a much light hearted vibe this year and the message of ‘gifts that everyone will love’ really does work in line with Christmas, and with their advert overall. I also feel people might view foxes and badgers differently, and not just as pests. I think it also needs saying that using a non-white family is a good nod to Britain and our culture at Christmas time. Well done John Lewis, I’m back on your side!

Sainsbury’s -The Greatest Gift 

The first thing I have to say is that it’s unnecessarily long at 3.35 minutes. However, the advert ‘tells the story of Dave, a hardworking and devoted Dad, who realises that the greatest gift he can give people this Christmas is his time’ which I think as you get older, is something you really learn to value. I don’t live near any of my friends and family so I relish time with them and I love both giving and recieving gifts that allows an opportunity to see them, rather than something I don’t really need, for the sake of being bought something, and vice versa. I don’t love this Christmas advert from Sainsbury’s, but I like the message it promotes.

Waitrose – #HomeforChristmas 

At Christmas, there’s nothing quite like Waitrose

For a garden bird, I find this advert quite unbelievable  but I’m not a robin expert so maybe they can travel vast distances and survive terrains? However, I’m a bit let down by Waitrose (again) this year and this advert really does nothing for me at all. I am heartened by the robin making such a galiant effort to get back home, but I have to question why he travelled so far away in the first place? Sorry, nice try Waitrose but you need to take a tip from John Lewis and try and break me next year.

Marks & Spencer -#Lovemrsclaus

I instantly loved this Christmas advert and got behind the concept straight away. Jake knew that while it wasn’t common to write to Mrs Claus, he obviously still felt she was going to be able to do the job better than Santa and I love the class she brings to the mission to deliver her gifts. As a sister to two younger brothers, I can appreciate how despite them being rascals in the past (we are now all in our twenties I might add), you know they do care deep down, and I think this is something all siblings can relate to. Bravo M&S!

Aldi -Kevin the Carrot 

Aldi, like other brands, have cottoned onto having a central character for their Christmas adverts so here we have Kevin the carrot and his quest to meet Santa.

Personally, while I don’t dislike the advert, I still can’t help but just be conscious that at some point Kevin is going to meet his fate. I also can’t quite understand why there is a fully cooked Christmas dinner on the table when everyone is asleep?! I can identify the concept Aldi have gone for, I’m just not sure it’s been fully executed (sorry Kevin).

Heathrow Airport

This is the first time Heathrow Airport have released a Christmas advert and if they continue to be this lovely, they can keep doing so in my opinion.

I just really love how they celebrate grandparents and older people, particularly drawing awareness to how busy airports can appear overwhelming, but also the importance of coming together at Christmas. This advert really pulled at my heartstrings.

What has been your favourite Christmas advert this year?

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