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Hey Sweeties,

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love Valentine’s Day, regardless to whether you are single or coupled up, it’s a day to either show love to someone else, or yourself… or both (I think always do the latter)! In celebration of all things love and beauty, today I wanted to show you guys something I have been enjoying since last April when I got married -CND Shellac manicures and pedicures! I had a Shellac manicure a few years ago just before my holiday to Las Vegas, but I haven’t really had the excuse to treat myself again until my wedding. While it wasn’t something I intended to keep up, I actually have so every month or so I head to my favourite beauty salon in Eton, Bespoke Beauty by Emma Simmons and treat myself to a CND Shellac manicure, and slightly less frequently (because they generally last a lot longer) a CND Shellac pedicure.

CND Shellac Polish

CND Shellac Polish

CND Shellac Polishes – My 2016 Highlights

I had real fun last year with working my way through some of the CND Shellac nail polishes my local beauty salon had, trying to stick to pastel shades over the spring and summer months before going darker as Autumn rolled around. For me I love the variety of shades available and I love the names of the polishes as you will hear in a mo!

CND Shellac Polish

Safety Pin

While I acknowledged I had to play it a little bit cool for my wedding in Apil, partly owing to the big (utterly beautiful) white dress I adorned on the day, I couldn’t resist a bit of sparkle on my nails and I was drawn to the CND Shellac polish in shade Safety Pin almost instantly. The shimmer is quite subtle but it worked so well on the day -who wants to be boring with nude nails huh?!

CND Shellac Polish

Sun Bleached

CND Shellac polish in shade Sun Bleached was an interesting choice but it captured late spring for me in a bottle. Yellow is also my favourite colour as it just makes me smile every time I see it, hence why I totally adore daffodils which also played a key role in my wedding. The only thing I would say against this shade is that your nails do get dirty fairly quickly so while I heartily recommend the shade, I wouldn’t keep it on for longer than a week or so but of course, that’s totally up to you!

Christmas Nails

CND Shellac Polish

Limited Edition Christmas Polish – Ruby Ritz

CND Shellac Polish

Blushing Topaz layered over the top of a simple nude polish.

Oh my I LOVED my Christmas nails -I had Ruby Ritz then changed to Blushing Topaz, either way it had to be glitter for the festive season.


CND Shellac Polish

Hot Pop Pink

In celebration of the month of love, I had to go for pink nails during February and I currently have Hot Pop Pink on my hands.

CND Shellac Pedicures

CND Shellac Polish

Electric Orange

I love pedicures and to be honest, I can’t foresee a time whereby I don’t get my feet spruced; even if I take the odd break from getting my hands done (because nails need some non-polish weeks from time to time), my feet are different. Over the autumn/winter they don’t really see the light of day in public, but in the summer they are out, out, out. Regardless, by having a CND Shellac polish on them I never have to worry about getting them out no matter what the month.

CND Shellac Polish

Denim Patch

Currently I have a beautiful deep, berry purple on my toes and I can see me getting them done again in the same shade… that being said my honeymoon is coming up and I need to think about what shades I want to rock in the US of A!

How do you guys like to treat yourself?

Until next time x


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  1. Polish Perfect 25th May 2017 / 10:52 pm

    I love CND Shellac! My favorite is Ripe Guava. I’m very happy because my nails look awesome and don’t suffer the damage.

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