An Evening at the Deliciously Ella Supper Club at The Kitchen Counter

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If you have been coming around here for a while, you will likely be aware that I am a big fan of Deliciously Ella aka. Ella Mills nee Woodward; I have all three of her recipe books and I was even lucky enough to meet her at a signing early last year (here). Now with three delis to her name, I have been super keen to find the opportunity to visit one of them and continue fangirling. Fortunately for me, my bestest best pal, Kate, knew this, so for my 30th birthday she purchased us tickets to attend a supper club at The Kitchen Counter, Ella’s deli in Herne Hill, with an overnight stay at the nearby Half Moon pub and hotel (another blog post on this to follow).

Supper Club at The Kitchen Counter

On arrival to The Kitchen Counter, which is located underneath one of the arches a short walk from the tube station, with the train line overhead; there were two long tables with benches laid up ready for diners. As we were a little bit late arriving, we took the last two places near the entrance of the deli, which suited us fine.

Supper Club The Kitchen Counter

Shortly after getting settled, we were offered a peach and lemon iced tea punch to begin supper with, before large bowls of beet gazpacho with cherries, spiced labneh and candied pecans came out of the kitchen and placed in front of us each, closely followed by Ella herself with fresh bread.

Obviously, this was not the moment to whip out Ella’s third book –Deliciously Ella with Friends– from underneath the table in my bag for her to sign, so I was hopeful Ella would make herself available later on for meeting diners, many of whom I assumed were fans like myself.

Supper Club The Kitchen Counter

Supper Club The Kitchen Counter

For the main meal, diners shared between them; creamed corn with fig compote; heirloom tomatoes carpaccio with lemon, capers, tomato jelly, vegan parmesan cream and pressed cucumber; mixed beans with truffles, garlic, Aleppo chilli and homemade wholegrain mustard; and pulled aubergine sliders in homemade spelt buns. Kate and I washed it all down with red wine.

Supper Club The Kitchen Counter

Supper Club The Kitchen Counter

To finish, we enjoyed homemade chocolate truffles and a lime and raspberry layered sponge cake with a Matcha icing.

Supper Club The Kitchen Counter

However, and I hate that there is a however but it does need mentioning in case some of you attend one of Deliciously Ella’s supper clubs in the future and expect the same as I did, that I am about to highlight. I thought the idea of the supper club was that you could enjoy Deliciously Ella food, in the company of Deliciously Ella herself… but this, unfortunately, was not the case, or not on this evening anyway. Unbeknownst to me while I was chatting away to Kate between mouthfuls of food, Ella slipped out the door before the main course, which I didn’t notice until Kate told me later.

The disappointment was a bit of an understatement to be honest, as aside from wanting my book signed, I just wanted to meet her again.

I understand Ella is a super busy woman, and I have learnt since attending the supper club that she and Matt are dealing with some difficult family stuff behind the scenes at the moment, which can never be helped and is of course, entirely excusable. This may, of course, have been the reason why Ella had to leave when she did, but nevertheless, I do think to expect Ella to attend her supper club in full, is not a big ask. Maybe you guys think differently?

Overall, each of the food courses were well portioned so that even though we came away well fed, we weren’t stuffed (I hate feeling ready to burst), but on the delicious scale out of 10, it was a firm 10, sometimes even tipping to an impressive 11. The staff were also very friendly and attentive to our needs so both Kate and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and I think I would go to another supper club again if the opportunity arose.

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    • Claire 19th September 2017 / 10:41 pm

      Thank you! Even if you’re not a particular fan of Deliciously Ella, I would definitely recommend giving the supper clubs a try 🙂

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