Dressing for Work in Winter | Weekly Workwear Highlight

Hey Sweeties,

Another weekly work outfit highlight/pick of the week… I still feel I’m not quite there with the title of this new feature? What do you all think? I will welcome any suggestions in the comments so please do fire away with any ideas!

So, here is my work outfit pick of the week (again, do forgive the bad selfie/lighting etc.)*

Arriving to the London HQ -fantastic mirror in the lift!

Arriving to the London HQ -fantastic mirror in the lift!

Coat: Redherring/Debenhams (old)
Scarf: River Island

Bag: TK MAXX (old)

Pumps: Primark

Back in the lift!

Back in the lift!

Trousers: River Island

Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Jumper: Etam (yes, very old!)

Shoes: Shoe Zone (old)

My favourite view!

My favourite view!

Until next time x


*Be assured that I have recently become the owner of a swish looking Canon 1200D camera so outfit photography particularly will improve as I have some great ideas for this weekly feature going forward!


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