Duty-Free Beauty Haul – Urban Decay, Clarins and Yves Saint Laurent

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A few months ago I had a long weekend in Scotland – Glasgow and Edinburgh – and on the flight there and back, I managed to pick up a few beauty items in Duty-Free. Not intentionally mind, but when you see something you like you can’t un-see it, you get me? Here is what I picked up –

Duty-Free Beauty Haul

Duty free haul

Urban Decay Vice Comfort Matte Lipstick in Pyscho

I love Urban Decay but I have never tried any of their lipsticks. This lipstick in shade Psycho was on my birthday list but my husband spontaneously bought it for me at the airport when I showed him the shade I wanted (because you have to point these things out sometimes). Ever since seeing the picture of Actress, Ruby Rose wearing Psycho, I knew I wanted it for myself.

Since getting this lipstick, I have purchased the matching lip liner (called, Venom) and so I would like to properly review both of these products for you in a separate post… so watch this space!

Duty free haul

Duty free haul

Duty free haul

YSL I Have A Blush on You

Until seeing this limited edition blush that came out in the Spring 2017 The Street and I collection, Yves Saint Laurent hasn’t really been on my radar, to be honest, but I struggled so bad to find this blush anywhere I pretty much gave up hope of ever being able to add it to my blusher collection. Then, I just happened to be walking past the YSL stand at Edinburgh airport and my heart leapt as I caught sight of it tucked away on a top shelf (my beauty radar must have been sharp that day!), and thank goodness there was still one left for me to eagerly purchase.

Of course, YSL isn’t cheap, far from it and this is one of my (if not the) most expensive blushers I own, BUT this vibrant orange toned coral is beautiful and every once in a while it is totally okay to spoil yourself.


As I said, this is the first and only YSL product I own and I’m really not that familiar with the brand and its products. So from a packaging perspective, this collection looks a lot edgier than what I have loosely been aware of by YSL, and I like it. I also think ‘I have a blush on you’ is a fun name to call the product. The packaging overall doesn’t feel cheap but it is very lightweight and compact.

As a blusher, it has quickly moved into top position and I reach for it most days when I’m not feeling Benefit’s Dandelion which I purchased on my honeymoon earlier this year (see that haul here). It is arguably almost too pretty to use but it’s such a waste to treat yourself to something pricier than usual, to never actually enjoy using it. The formula is lovely, light and blends easily and I love the coral tone -does anyone else prefer this cheek colour during late summer into autumn? I think I definitely do.

Overall, I am very, very pleased I was finally able to get my hands on it and I do think it was worth the money.

Duty free haul

Duty free haul

Clarins Eau des Jardins

A couple of years ago my Mother-in-law brought me this Clarins Eau des Jardins fragrance and I’ve been keen to replace it ever since I spritzed the last drop. It’s just so wonderfully light and zesty for summer particularly; it’s my ultimate go-to. I need to be better at making sure I re-purchase every year while I can.

Duty free haul

Duty free haul


What do you guys like to pick up when you’re passing through Duty-Free?

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