My Favourite Easy Summer Hairstyles that you can try too!

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I have no doubt I am not alone here in saying that I regularly find myself in hair ruts; for years I had super long hair that my mum French plaited for school until I think year 10 when I got it all lopped off. Since then the length has wavered but I do now generally keep it shoulder length, favouring the long bob, which not only suits me, but also is appropriate to my lifestyle and age. I often miss having long hair but as soon as I find myself throwing it up daily in a messy bun, I know it is time for another chop because there is no point having lovely long hair if it’s not going to be properly appreciated.

In recent years, I have also got a lot better at hair care, ensuring I am not only using shampoo and conditioner (which I have never not done to be honest), but incorporating oils, heat protection and masks when necessary. This just ensures that my hair is well cared for and always looking its best. As far as shampoo goes, I think there are many good quality, affordable ones on the high street, but from time to time I like to use a good quality conditioner to make my hair super silky soft; I have a few on my list that I would like to try such as this L’Occitane conditioner.

Clean hair makes for a happy Claire!

Easy Summer Hairstyles

Top Knot

Beginning with one of my favourite easy summer hairstyles (although it is great throughout the year) is the top knot. For me it’s just super simple and pretty much goes with every look, day and night. Additionally, we’ve been enjoying some really hot weather recently here in the UK and when it gets a bit sticky, I want my hair off of my face and neck as I am sure many of you can agree with.

Easy Summer Hairstyles

Easy Summer Hairstyles

Why not add a piece of ribbon to add that extra level of interest & detail?

Half Up – Half Down

This is a great go between and I think works with most lengths of hair (except pixie crops, and shorter styles of course). Whenever I wear my hair down I always like to add texture which I achieve through the use of texturising sprays and sometimes dry shampoo.

Easy Summer Hairstyles

Easy Summer Hairstyles

Easy Summer Hairstyles

Backcombed Ponytail

Oftentimes with hairstyles, it’s finding ways to add a bit of interest to everyday styles and the ponytail is one of them. By backcombing you can create that extra bit of height and sometimes texture to a really simple look to elevate it’s appearance slightly.

Easy Summer Hairstyles

Easy Summer Hairstyles

Braids & Plaits

As I said at the beginning of this post, my Mum religiously French plaited my hair every day for school so it would be no surprise I went off braids and plaits for a while. And then there’s the challenge of learning to plait and braid your hair, particularly behind your head, yourself and dealing with the excruciating arm ache. That being said, there are so many styles and ways to incorporate plaits and braids into easy summer hairstyles there will be at least one look that everyone can perfect. When I am looking for some hair-spiration, I always turn to Instagram and/or Pinterest to add to my dedicated hair board for some simple styles that I can attempt to pull off at home. But you know what, I think when you overthink a style or a particular look, I find it never quite appears as effortless as it should, which is why the easiest hairstyles are the best.

What are your favourite easy summer hairstyles?

Until next time x

*This post has been written in collaboration with L’Occitane


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