Elle Insider Event with Estee Lauder: Modern Muse

Estee Lauder Modern Muse

Hey Sweeties,

Originally thinking I would have to keep this a secret until later in December; I can in fact share my latest visit to Elle Magazine HQ with you guys now –yippee!

So, earlier this month I was emailed by Elle asking me (an Elle Insider) if I wanted to join Team Elle in the Fashion Cupboard to celebrate Estée Lauder’s new fragrance, Modern Muse Chic. They wanted a selection of Insider’s to go up to HQ and share their stories about who inspires them. Of course I jumped at this opportunity!

So, bright and early (9am to be precise) last Saturday I was in London barefaced and ready for a morning of filming! Once our attendance had been confirmed a week or two before, we were asked to arrive with an answer prepared for this question:

“What is the most inspirational advice I have ever been given by another woman?”

To be honest, this wasn’t as easy to answer as you would think. I read a lot of things that inspire me but inspiration advice I have been told directly? Not so much. However, my mind did cast back to my teen self during my A-Levels which was a miserable time for me and as you can imagine it was difficult for my Mum to see me so regularly stressed out and upset that naturally she wanted to rid me of what was getting me so down. I remember her telling me that I didn’t have to keep with the course, that it was ok to quit and that I had already made her really proud. Of course I didn’t quit but what I took from that moment was that it is important to not do something for the sake of others and for you and you alone. You should be at the heart of all decisions. This for me has been quite inspirational and something I have drawn upon regularly.

Unfortunately, when it came to filming, our prepared paragraphs actually had to be crammed into a mere sentence or two so what that will get edited into I don’t know. Essentially the message I hope to come from my input will be to keep things simple and not overload yourself. But we’ll see, I’ll share the video with you guys once I have been sent it but it’ll also be available to view on Elle.com!

Estee Lauder makeover

One of the perks of the day was being able to get my hair and makeup professionally done!

Modern Muse Chic
Overall the day was really fun and interesting and a BIG thank you goes to Elle and Estee Lauder for allowing people like me to get involved!

Until next time x


This is my third experience with Elle magazine this year, you can read about my Benefit opportunity here and seeing Lorraine Candy in conversation with Ruby Tandoh here.


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