Exclusive: Benefit’s New Launch Revealed!

New Benefit launch

Hey Sweeties,

So I can finally reveal a top secret launch I attended back in December in London with Benefit and Elle magazine! I can finally reveal that Benefit’s brand new launch is Roller Lash -a mascara that hooks, lifts and curls!

Benefit Roller Lash

On 11th December, we (a select group of Elle Insiders) were asked to meet outside Marble Arch at 5:30 on a chilly Thursday evening… We were told to look out for a lorry which ‘we couldn’t miss’. The fact is you could miss it as it was dark but once through the famous arch there it stood in the darkness, full of mystery of what was to be revealed behind the exterior.

Inside, the trailer had been turned into a 1940-50s esque salon, all pink and vibrant! We were welcomed by Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson -the daughters of Jean Ford/Nieces of Jane Ford aka. the famous Ford Twins and original founders of Benefit no less!- and were soon handed glasses of champagne and trays of canapés made the rounds.

We were then introduced to Roller Lash!!

Roller Lash

Roller Lash

Roller Lash

Keeping it simple, the idea behind this mascara is to eliminate the need to curl your lashes before applying mascara as this product quite simply does it for you (yes really!). If you think about the way hair curlers work, the same theory applies here. On the applicator, the wand tip -the Hook ‘n’ Roll Brush– despite appearing similar to other mascara applicators, has the unique new feature of tiny little hooks that as you apply product to your lashes, the brush hooks each individual lash and “delivers super-culing and lifting performance”. Sceptical? Yes us Insiders were too… until we were given the product to try to ourselves. And oh my does it curl!

Firstly, you would think that to hook and curl lashes upon application may be uncomfortable? … no Sweeties, no. The applicator is very light and yet the effect that follows is witnessed instantly as just one rolling coat opens up the eyes and defines your lashes as if you were using the best of the best eyelash curlers. It really is quite incredible.

One of my favourite things about the product is the packaging! If you remember my earlier point about the inside of the Benefit trailor/lorry being all styled around a 40s-50s salon and the hair curler theory, the packaging is of course in keeping with this. Above I have included photos both from the event and (below) of the product I have been sent in order to try and really show off to you this new mascara. I really like the combination of black and pink and the handle of the applicator is lovely and grippy to hold.

Benefit Roller Lash

This is the 4th Elle Insider event I have attended (in 2014) and it was great this time to start getting recognised by Elle staff, Lisa Potter-Dixon (Benefit’s Head Makeup Artist) and then meeting up again with fellow insiders. I would like to say a special THANK YOU to Elle for providing subscribers like myself these types of opportunities as it really is great to get involved!

Annie & Maggie Ford-Danielson

Nothing quite like standing between 2 stunningly beautiful ladies to make you feel like a frump!

Until next time x



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