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Over the last couple of months, my body and mind have been screaming out for a break, for some proper me-time to work on some self-care. While I am still working on finding those opportunities to get away and take some time-out, an email popped into my inbox a few weeks ago inviting me to the #Fellowesonthemove event with Viking. This event was going to focus on how to have a healthy work environment by showing me some easy desk-based exercises; a smoothie making workshop, massage treatments; and introducing the Fellowes Sit-Stand desk. For me, it was a perfect excuse to take an afternoon off work.

Fellowes on the Move

Fellowes on the move

Fellowes on the move

Upon arrival, I was given a Graze box and a coffee -winning!

There is no doubt that sitting at your desk all day, or even for any length of time, can be harmful to your health, and it’s catching up fast with the likes of obesity as a threat to long-term health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, I am just as guilty as anyone else that sometimes I lose track of my day and before I know it, 17:30 comes and I realise I have not really moved at all away from my desk since 9am (except for lunch and toilet breaks).

However, while I slip up sometimes with losing track of time, I am otherwise I think, quite good at being conscious about how much movement I have achieved in a day, and also when I realise my posture is bad. This is one of the reasons why I hate autumn and winter arriving, because the days get shorter and the weather (in most cases) worse, and suddenly any hours of daylight are spent stuck indoors.

Fellowes on the move

Chatting to Lieze Neven

So, the Fellowes on the Move event!

Hosted at The Collective Old Oak a collective workspace a short walk from Willesden Junction tube station, a selection of bloggers gathered for an afternoon of learning how to improve health and wellbeing (at work), in celebration of the Fellowes Sit-Stand desk with Viking. The afternoon was split up into four sessions which in groups, we rotated through –

Session 1 – Pilates

Fellowes on the move

Fellowes on the move

Fellowes on the move

Lead by the lovely Julia from Exercise in the City, we were taken through some basic Pilates moves that can be done anytime, anywhere to encourage movement and light exercise throughout the working day.

Session 2 – Fellowes Sit-Stand Desk

Fellowes on the move

Lusting at the Fellowes sit-stand desk

Fellowes on the move

Look at this bad boy!

Fellowes on the move

In this session we got to see the Fellowes Sit-Stand desk in the flesh and hear all about how it can combat the effects of spending all day, five days a week sat down bent over our normal office desks. Did you know that your 20-minute lunchtime walk is basically as good as cancelled out once you have spent the afternoon sat down? Well, news flash, it does and we need to be a ton more conscious to how long we’re each spending not moving.

These desks are great because they give you the option to either sit or stand while you work, and then easily switch it up throughout the day.

Session 3 – Massages

In the week leading up to the event, having a massage almost drove me to distraction because for months I have been suffering from knotted shoulders and back pain. Right now, I can’t get enough massages!

I was so knotted on my right shoulder, Kelly’s magic hands worked on me twice to help loosen me up; that day, she was my hero and I felt so much better afterwards for it.

Fellowes on the move

Fellowes on the move

Session 4 – Smoothies and Juices

This was a really fun session with Mr Flavour Events and we learnt the benefits of juicing and smoothies! I definitely could make myself smoothies more often so I need to be a bit more proactive with this. During this session, I watched two of the girls whip up a smoothie and a juice and then slurped on the juice affectionately named, ‘Everything-but-the-cucumber’ thereafter because it literally had everything in it except cucumber.

Fellowes on the move

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and a big thank you to Viking for hosting us.

Photos (3-8, 11) credit: Elouisa Georgiou Photography 

For more information about the Fellowes Sit-Stand desk, click here.

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