Five Things I Learnt from MTV’s The Hills

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I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like me I can almost guarantee that you were obsessed with MTV’s The Hills! For me, I just couldn’t get enough and to this day if I manage to catch re runs on TV (even though I own series 1-5 on DVD), I am still completely absorbed. Regardless of all the controversy that came out after the show ended, when it was revealed the show was pretty much entirely scripted (which to be honest, we all knew didn’t we!?), there was still a lot to love and a lot to learn as we watched Lauren and the gang forge their careers and life in LA.

Here are my top five lessons I took from The Hills:

1. Friends will come and go
Out of all the many things that can be taken from the show, for me this was the key lesson which I have experienced myself first hand for pretty much all my life. What begins as something beautiful and close, can easily change into the opposite as we saw with Lauren and Heidi’s friendship. Those stabbing final words from Lauren became legendary; “I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you!” However, it’s important not to view the ending of friendships as a bad thing, particularly when at one point those friendships seem unbreakable, but nothing is unbreakable. For the most part, friendships that have ended in my life have naturally fizzled out owing to having little in common because you have to remember people move through life differently (and I have moved around a lot!). Social media makes things a lot easier these days as you can still keep up with each other’s lives, without having to remain in close contact, and there’s nothing to say that you won’t find each other again down the line. But I have also experienced a friendship to suddenly explode and evaporate like it never existed and it hurts, it really does. But you have to ask yourself how genuine the foundations were to begin with, because true friends understand and compromise in difficult situations. My post on The Price of Friendship should help you figure out what drove my friendship apart (which is ridiculous when you find out what it is). But as one friendship ends, another begins as different chapters in your life will allow you to meet new people.

The Hills

2. Girls are Bitches
It’s true, girls bitch for pleasure, but we can also be bitches, particularly in a group. Need I say anymore? In life, the more you come across them, the more you learn with how to deal with them –would you like a post on my tips for bitch management? Let me know in the comments!

The Hills

3. My love for Lauren Conrad
During the time The Hills was airing (in the UK), I was newly moved out of the family nest and learning to stand on my own two feet, this also applied to my own identity and finding my own sense of personal style. Lauren quickly became my icon, I wanted to be her, I wanted her job, I wanted her wardrobe, I wanted her car, everything! I used Lauren’s style to inspire a post about meeting the parents (here).

The Hills Lauren Conrad

4. California Style

I never liked Heidi for her personality, although I did feel sorry for her at some points and she was incredibly naive, but she was often on point with her style, much like some of the other characters and my fashion scrapbooks were often filled with magazine clippings of The Hills cast as they totted about LA.

The hills

5. Girls can be friends with boys
I hate the term ‘squad goals’ but Lauren’s group of friends which included Lo, Audrina, Stephanie, Brody, Frankie etc. really were the friendship squad of dreams… or they were for me while I watched the show miserable and lonely in London. I didn’t need to learn this lesson personally, but a lot of the youth of today, particularly those that follow the likes of Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Tanya Burr etc. go wild when they see their favourite YouTubers with someone of the opposite sex, and automatically assume they have to be having some kind of affair, rather than just being friends. But this is just one of those things you learn as you get older and more mature; I remember anyone seen speaking with my crush at school obviously had to be having a thing with him. It’s life, but you do grow out of it.

Were you a fan of MTV’s The Hills? Who were your favourite cast members and what were some of the things you learnt from watching the show?

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