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Hey Sweeties,

I don’t know what you guys have been up this wet bank holiday Monday (or it is certainly where I am) but rather than do what I should have been doing (*coughs* copywriting diploma assignment), I have spent much of the afternoon watching make-up tutorials on YouTube! I can’t get enough of them at the moment; I am craving advice and knowledge so I am just watching everything! It’s not because I want to pursue anything deliberately in beauty so much, it’s more so that I can be confident that what I am doing and my collection of products are the best they can be!

Although YouTube is great for this, I wonder actually if I would benefit from getting some one-on-one professional advice? I have had a professional consultation with Mac just before I had my 1st year University summer ball to attend so I had more of an evening look done on me which I have replicated time and time again. I have also had a couple of consultations with Benefit which were kind of by accident… my Dad and I were in Harvey Nics’ and on our attempt at leaving we got accosted by a lovely Benefit consultant who showed and then sold me the They’re Real mascara (again, never looked back) and then on a second, more deliberate visit, I got shown (and sold) the Smokin’ Eyes colour palate. I am quite keen to have a consultation with Smash Box so I can try out some of their products –anyone have any experience with them? It’s unfortunate that I don’t have a sister or any friends that are really into beauty…

What I have been learning today is 1. Contouring and highlighting 2. Make-up brushes (type and care) as this really is an area of my beauty collection that needs serious attention. The two YouTube channels that have helped me in these areas are PixiWoo and Lauren Curtis.

Make-up BrushesAs you can see from the picture, my make-up brush collection is random to say the least, all I can say in defence is that I have picked them up from a variety of places, most of them free with things, hence why the quality looks a bit crap. But I am learning! The only real quality brushes I have are the ones with the light brown handles as these are from an Elizabeth Arden set I got bought years and years ago from my Uncle and for years and years they were left in their box untouched and unused until recently.

Let’s just say that Real Technique brushes are now firmly on my wish list! Ultimately I don’t think there are any right or wrong answers with what bushes you use, if they do the trick for blush, bronzer etc. then who is going to tell you otherwise? But a better understanding and appreciation for them is certainly beneficial!

I also have a couple of questions that you guys may be able to help me with that I can’t seem to crack on YouTube…

  1. Do you apply concealer before or after foundation? What is the right way? I have always instinctively used it before on the understanding that it evens out my skin tone before applying foundation. But the more tutorials I watch, I see concealer being applied afterwards… help!
  2. Not so much a question but maybe some advice here… I now seem to suffer with really itchy, puffy eyes after wearing eye shadow and I am in the process of working out whether this is all eye shadow, or maybe just the cheaper brands? For years I wore the 17 range and I loved them, particularly because they lasted all day but now, I don’t touch them at all owing to this recent reaction. I have (as you know) got a couple of eye shadows from Mac and most recently Bourjois but so far only worn these for an evening do rather than during the day so figuring that I need to give them a try this week and see what happens. Hoping and praying that these will be fine so I know where to buy from in the future as I so miss wearing eye shadow and completing that fuller, make-up look on a day to day basis. Anyone had or have a similar experience?

eye shadow collection

3. Can anyone recommend a good (affordable) daily moisturiser and cleanser? Not so much for the mornings (except moisturiser) but definitely for the evening/end of the day. At the moment I just use a simple make-up remover lotion from Boots and face wipes but I can tell I need something a bit more concentrated. But the routine/process needs to be simple otherwise I’ll get bored and stop doing it.

Well, I think we can be sure that I still have so much to learn about make-up! I am really keen to hear some of your tips and advice and/or be pointed in the direction of your favourite YouTube channels. Let me also know about Smash Box!


Until next time x


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