George at Asda & MissGuided Fashion Haul

Fashion Haul

Hey Sweeties,

So it seemed only the other week I posted a haul on here… oh wait, I did (here)! But as the seasons begin to change so is my style and consequently my wardrobe so while I am still on a beauty purchasing ban during Lent, my attention and spending has turned to fashion…naturally.

Until recently, I had never purchased from but their constant Tweets advertising an additional 40% off sale items eventually got the better of me and I logged on and began browsing. I liked much of what I saw, not all of it was really stuff I would or could wear by which I mean, not my style/suitable for work, and I don’t really have a social life requiring little dresses. There’s also no point buying clothes for the sake of it, they ideally need to fill a gap in my wardrobe so when I stumbled upon the Asma Chunky Knit Check Cardigan in Monochrome, I was sold!

Asma Chunky knit cardigan Missguided

I was so pleased when it arrived that it fitted (this is in a size 12) and looked great (always hard to tell when the models are size 8!) and I love the overall style, particularly the leather patches on the shoulder. This will be a piece that can transition easily from winter to summer and with the 40% discount this went from being £22 to I think £13 -bargain!

One of the places I think people don’t quite appreciate for fashion are supermarkets, admittedly I am one too but actually the likes of Sainsbury’s (Tu), Tesco (F&F) and in this instance Asda (George), create perfectly affordable, wearable and quality clothing and accessories.

I have been after a stripey dress for ages and when in Asda recently I took the opportunity to browse the sale rails and stumbled upon one that almost fitted (on sight) my exact requirements but unfortunately it was too big and there weren’t any others available. So once more the internet came to my rescue and I was fortunately able to find it on George online.

Stripey dress George Asda

This isn’t the exact style of stripey dress I have been after but for a simple, basic everday/weekend dress this fits the bill and for £4, I can’t really complain!

While browsing, I also came across this grey, roll neck dress which wasn’t in the sale but at £12, it still hardly breaks the bank.

Roll Neck dress George Asda

I haven’t really got anything like this as although I don’t wear tight, figure hugging clothes, I do generally buy and wear clothing with more of a structured fit to them. Saying that, I do really love this much for the same reasons as my other George purchase as it’s simple, very wearable and good quality.

Can you guys recommend me any other online sites similar to Missguided and Asos? I love hitting the high street but I can never buy anything too distinctive to one place i.e. to Primark, Miss Selfridge as I like to not follow the masses (as they say) so I can only buy basic items that don’t instantly scream where they are from. Being also in my later twenties, I find -particularly recently- a lot of high street fashion to be very young, for instance crops tops aren’t really suitable to my age range (although that doesn’t stop some!). On my Twitter and Instagram I always here of online sites but to be honest I never know where to start really so any tips and prods in the right direction will be much appreciated 😉

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  1. LFFL 27th March 2015 / 9:15 am

    Cute hair.

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