What Makes Me Happy? | International Day of Happiness

Hey Sweeties,

A bonus post today outside of my routine weekly posting days (Tuesday and Thursday fyi), but as it’s the International Day of Happiness I thought I would share all the things that make me happy. Fortunately, I am a glass half full kinda’ gal; I have my low days, sure but even when things are looking pretty shit, I can see through to the other side.

What makes me Happy?

My husband (how have we almost been married a year?!)

Wedding Blues

Spending weekends with my family

Bunny Rabbits (you know my bunny, Winifred is on Instagram right? @Bunny_wini)

Happy - International Day of Happiness

Binge watching episodes of Gavin and Stacey

Sitting in coffee shops

Valentine's Day Coffee

Watching daffodils bloom

Happy - International Day of Happiness


International Day of Happiness

Days out with myself (read my post about being your own best friend)



Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Bobbi Brown

Getting lost in a good book


Exploring new places -I’m excited to be going back to America soon on my honeymoon!

Hiking in the Grand Canyon


I think it’s really important to be able to find something to smile about every day, no matter how small it is. For example, it makes me happy if I drive to work and see rabbits in the hedgerows; the sun is shining; a great song comes on the radio… I’ve been in some quite dark places mentally in my time and learning to see the positives, and the happy moments in a day is something you have to train your brain to do, but once you know how, it’s easier than you think to see happy.

What makes you happy?

Until tomorrow x




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