“Bra-blems” & the Importance of a Well Fitted Bra

The Importance of a well fitted braHey Sweeties,

For years, I always hated my perfectly average sized boobs, always craving a slightly fuller chest as I’m sure many teens do when learning to adjust to their changing body. During this time, I didn’t ever consider going to get my boobs properly measured, just assuming that they were 34a. It was then for two reasons that I decided to go and get myself measured: 1. my friends at the time were horrified when I said I wore an A cup sized bra, and 2. I think it was Gok Wan that made the accurate statement on one of his programmes (conveniently about the importance of wearing the right sized bra), saying something about how can you assume your boobs stay the same while your weight and height may change? Whatever he said, something triggered and the following weekend I took myself to M&S to get myself properly fitted, and low and behold I learnt I had been squashing my poor boobs into a bra TWO cup sizes too small! What I will say is that learning I was in fact a C cup changed my entire perception of my body, I suddenly felt womanly and not a teenager any more (I was in fact, in my very early twenties by this point), and clothing fitted sooo much better! Seriously.

That all being said, just because I’m now wearing the right sized bra, doesn’t mean I’m not without the occasional  “bra-blem” still, you know the kind -loose fitting straps (or just the one annoying one which will constantly fall down), straps digging in, and the worst, the clasps bending out of shape which means an underwear haul is due. How many of you still experience this? I bet more than there should be but you’re not alone, so many women are walking around wearing the wrong sized bra and I don’t know why you’re suffering when it’s so simple to resolve.

Here’s a funny way of looking at this, a bad fitting bra is about as useful as a man’s boxers with holes in. Where is the support?!

So, what we have learnt or rather, what I hope I have encouraged you to learn is that wearing the right sized bra not only improves the overall comfort of wearing a bra, but it also improves how clothing fits you too. The guys over at Thirdlove, who specialise in great fitting bras, have created a set of excellent graphics that while on first look may appear like they are declaring the bleeding obvious, actually -as I’m sure you’ll agree- suggest some really useful advice about ensuring you’re wearing your bra not only correctly, but comfortably.

The Importance of a well fitted bra

The Importance of a proper fitted bra

The Importance of a proper fitted bra

The Importance of a proper fitted bra

If you’re interested, Thirdlove currently have a special promotion on allowing you 15% off across the site with the code PERSONALITY. On their website they also have some great advice and tips for taking care of your lingerie (here), which I have no doubt we’re all guilty of not doing as best as we should be, and a useful size chart.

So guys, what are your worst “bra-blems”?

Until next time x


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