Visiting India’s Shithole – Ahmedabad | The India Diaries Days 4 & 5

Day 4 & 5

Of everywhere we visited in India, this was the worst and I do not know what on earth made England have a test here. Without being rude but keeping it short, the place is a s***hole! Having said that, had we arrived here first, I would have assumed this was normal and (probably) not hated every moment we were there, or rather, not as much. Everything there is just stripped down basic and beyond the cricket, there is absolutely nothing to do. 

Ian and I happened to have our anniversary during our stay and for the evening we treated ourselves to a nice dinner at The Marriot hotel where the England team were staying. Well, what a mission getting there was! One of the core things to note about India is that every other person is a taxi driver whether that be in a car or a tuk tuk (both the motored and peddled kind) so you are offered lifts constantly! The night of our anniversary was no different but was no doubt the worst, we can laugh about it now but in reality it was a classic example of how dangerous places like that can be if you are a tourist and don’t know where you are going. Basically, we were driven around Ahmedabad for what felt like hours and eventually got pulled up outside the completely wrong place in the middle of nowhere. We were accused of telling the bloke the wrong place name (which of course wasn’t true) but fortunately the driver did go and ask for directions in a nearby hotel and eventually we did end up at The Marriott. By this point though I was thoroughly fucked off and although it cost more, we got a hotel organised taxi back to where we were staying.

Ahmedabad Cricket ground

At the Cricket

In summary, we were there for two nights and if you take nothing else from this post but this, do not go to Ahmedabad!

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