January Haul & My YouTube Debut

Hey Sweeties,

Happy New Year!!!

So as promised, today I have a haul post for you but rather than my normal written format, I have taken the plunge and launched myself on YouTube! Before we get ahead of ourselves, please do note the following: this is my first video/attempt at filming, I still have no idea what I am really doing, I filmed this on my iPad, the lighting was horrendous, it’s probably longer than it should be and fashion isn’t my area of expertise to talk about. Basically, please be patient and don’t be too critical as we all have to start somewhere and that place is usually terrible before experience is gained.

So without further ado, click ‘play’…

To summarise the places I went:

House of Fraser -Urban Decay and Nine West

TK Maxx

Debenhams -Warehouse and the fragrance department

River Island


Thank you so much for your continued support with ClaireySweetie and I do hope to develop the video side of blogging over the coming year so please do bear with but if you have any feedback, tips, advice or suggestions for subjects and topics you would like me to cover please do pass these on over for consideration!

Until next time x


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