My January Sales Haul 2013 – See the Goodies I picked Up

Hi Sweeties!

Firstly I apologise for the misleading title of this blog, it is of course not January and let’s be honest, if you waited until January to hit the sales you’ll be leafing through half empty rails of whatever hasn’t been snapped up hastily by savvy shoppers! It might also be worth noting although I am sure you’ll all agree that shopping the sales, no matter how early you’re up and how late you leave, is never completed in a single session, there are at least two rounds if not more. With that in mind, here is round one of my sales haul…


(From left to right):
Make-up set -Debenhams
Boots -Oasis
Patterned Leggings & t-shirt/top -Miss Selfridge
Pack of hair clips/pins, cross ring & a pair of pumps -Accessorize
Pink cardigan, tartan snood, patterned jumper & tartan smock dress -River Island

20131227-201739.jpgAccessorize Ring20131227-201749.jpg

In total I spent£143.00 the biggest single spend was the boots that cost £50… But it was love and who can stand in the way of that when it strikes? The boots were my final purchase before I called it a day as I hit my budget… It was also getting dark and my energy levels were at a low, too low even to grab a Starbucks!

You’ll be aware Sweeties, from an earlier blog post that I start a new job in January so I went out yesterday keeping that at the forefront of my search for new items. After spending the past year working in a very casual environment (jeans and t-shirts kind’a thing), spending 3 years at Uni not being able to afford much & pre Uni working as a dental nurse so I wore a boring, very unflattering tunic everyday, I am excited to finally have some fun with fashion and beauty which is partly why I have been glued to blogs and vlogs concerning those areas lately for some inspiration & style tips (have you guys checked out Zoella & Sprinkle of Glitter yet? Do! Their respective YouTube channels are fabulous!).

So until next time Sweeties, ta ta and happy shopping!


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