London Shopping Haul -New Beauty & Fashion Purchases

Hi Sweeties,

I have had such a lovely weekend! My Mum came up on Friday to help wallpaper our living room (FYI, while we’re on the point, I’ll be doing a new home update/haul post soon where I’ll share with you more of what has been happening with that side of life)… and we had a day in London yesterday. Now Mum has headed back to Devon (so far away, sob!) and Ian has gone to work I am now sat reflecting on everything and things have become silent for the first time this weekend.

So, let’s get to the juicy part of my weekend… the London trip and a bit of a show and tell of what I picked up while there!

I’m terrible really, I am trying to not buy anything between now and January and then have a real wardrobe update and blowout in the sales but as the seasons change, there are always gaps that appear. For me, this year rather than do big chunky jumpers, I want to layer with tops and chunky cardigans and things like that… all of which I don’t really have. Doh!


London Shopping Haul-

Forever 21 Gilet

I actually didn’t really pick up much in the way of clothing but I did pick up an amazing fluffy gilet from Forever 21 (above). I saw it and was like, “that’s mine!”. This will be ideal for layering over pretty much anything to be honest and I can’t tell you how snuggly it is; perfect for wearing around the house and when out and about.

Aldo Trilby

Now, I can’t resist a hat but finding one that fits me well is quite rare as I have an odd shaped head. While Mum and I were in Aldo, I saw this hat, plonked it on my head and was like, “Wo!”. Mum took one look at it and practically marched me to the till point… she then noticed a lovely scarf so I treated her to that and she me the hat. Win win!

My next purchases were of the beauty kind…

Beauty Purchases

Beauty Haul

Topshop, The Body Shop & Urban Decay

Let’s begin with The Body Shop.

The Body Shop Haul

As you know, it was merely a few weeks since I was last in there having a little skin care haul and to be honest, didn’t expect to be back there quite so soon… if I did, I would have taken my £10 off voucher with me (doh!). Moving on, we were passing and I thought while I had the opportunity I might as well stock up on my cleansing butter which I have loved since first purchasing it. I also grabbed a muslin cloth as I have learnt a flannel really doesn’t work… well it does, but despite washes and rinses following cleanser removal it gunks up something horrid with make-up!

While in the store I took the opportunity to investigate and take a look at the new Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate. I have been on the hunt for an eye cream of some kind as that’s the only area of my face that needs attention that I haven’t covered in my skin care routine so far so I thought I would give it a go. I’ll do a review of the product in a week or two once I have had a good chance to try it out.

Before heading to the checkout I had the briefest of glances across the make-up stand and this eyeliner caught my eye. I love a black liner as we know and now the weather is changing it’s creeping back into my everyday look but black can be quite harsh so I am exploring other colours. This product is the Smoky Plum Eye Definer and it’s a beautiful deep purple which I am excited to try.


As we also know, I don’t really venture into Topshop that often but the store on Oxford street is so big it can’t be ignored and the lull of the beauty section is impossible to avoid so, of course I didn’t leave empty handed.

Topshop Beauty Haul

You guys will remember the lipstick haul I did from there a few weeks ago and Depth has become a real favourite out of the four but I have lacked a lip liner to go with it… so I bought a lip liner in shade Deception which is a fairly deep redI also picked up their highlighter in the shade Sunbeam. Now, I as yet am not really a wearer of highlighter but again, as we drift into the colder months I want to achieve a bit of definition and draw a bit of light to my upper cheekbones so I figured now was as good a time as any to make the purchase! Unfortunately the shade is a bit too difficult to swatch effectively enough to show you but it’s basically a yellowy gold shimmer; really pretty.

My next purchase I should really apologise for but I won’t. I will though confess it was purchased solely out of envy and feeling left out. Let me explain…

Urban Decay Naked 1

My Mum -like me- has really started to have a real allergy to certain eye shadows but I have been getting a long fine with my Sleek palettes and my Naked 2. So, as any good daughter would, I have been talking a fair bit about Urban Decay and suggested it’s something she should try by which I mean, wear some of mine for the day and she how she gets on. However, we passed House of Fraser and ventured through the beauty hall and low and behold, came across the Urban Decay stand. Mum loved the colours in the individual pans and picked out a beautiful pinky purple shade (Toasted). For ages she has also been desperate for someone to show her how to achieve a good smokey eye and Benefit are an obvious choice to achieve this. But the beauty assistant on the UD stand sat Mum in the chair and using Toasted as well as a couple of the other shades in the Naked 1 palette, created her the most brilliant but simple smokey eye using pink and brown colours. She absolutely nailed it! A traditional black & grey smokey eye would not have suited mum at all but this one she had done was perfect for her skin tone and also, her age. Mum was sold! Rather than just purchase Toasted (£14), it proved far more cost effective to buy the whole Naked 1 palette (£37). Of course, on reflection Mum really should have seen how she got on with Toasted and whether or not her skin reacted to it before taking the plunge with a whole palette but hey ho! While paying I got this strange overwhelming sense of envy… I wanted Naked 1 as well! So… I did (*hangs head*).

Ok, the haul is done! However, before I leave you I wanted to share something really exciting. Following my visit to The Design Studio a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned I fell in love with their pink and black bomber jacket… well, guess what arrived for me in the post…

TDS Bomber Jacket

Ta Da!!!!

…My very own TDS Bomber jacket! Yippee!! I just so love this and like my new gilet, I am going to be wearing this all over the place throughout the autumn-winter months. I can’t tell you how snug it is! Thank you so much Sally and Lettie! *Mwah!*

What have you guys hauled lately??

Until next time x


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