Look Fantastic #LFHelloBeautiful May Beauty Box

Hey Sweeties,

The focus of this month’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box is to celebrate natural beauty, supported by the #LFHELLOBEAUTIFUL campaign. With summer approaching, we are entering a time where it’s about less is more and going after that summer glow using products that enhance what we have naturally, instead of piling on product. In response to this, I really appreciate any product, particularly skincare, that specifically focusses on brightening and adding radiance into your skin.

So, with that all in mind, let’s take a look inside this month’s box –



L-R: IOMA Optimum Moisture Cream; REN night-time facial; Revlon Uniq One all in one hair treatment; Wet Brush; Eve Lom cleanser; Vichy Liftactiv.


Wetbrush: Having received several sample size brushes recently, including a Wet Brush one, I was delighted to see a full sized brush this month and it has instantly replaced my tired Denman hair brush. It’s comfortable to hold, glides through tangled wet hair, and I have found it has been good for styling as well. Definitely one to add to your wish list!

Eve Lom: This wasn’t actually featured in the booklet that comes with each box which has happened a few times lately, I was also potentially supposed to receive something from Decleor but who knows eh? Anyway. While I haven’t tried this specific cleanser supplied this month, I do already have two cleansers from Eve Lom, both of which I like. I was however delighted at receiving a new muslin cloth!


Ren“This overnight treatment from REN combines Glycolic and Lactic Acids to brighten and refine the skin tone.” The advice is to apply onto cleansed skin at night after moisturising, and I’ve got to say I really like this product. Anything that makes my skin feel radiant and hydrated is always going to be a winner, and after a night’s sleep, my skin really does feel great in the morning which makes such a difference to the start of my day.


Vichy“The Liftactiv moisturiser from Vichy has been specially formulated to firm and tone the skin; targeting signs of fine lines and wrinkles. It evens out skin tone, brightens the complexion and delivers intense hydration”. Recently I have started to really think about my skincare and that, with my final year of my twenties approaching on the horizon, it might not be a bad idea to start thinking about increasing the quality of some of the products I use, specifically tackling areas that down the line, I might wish I had thought about protecting and tackling sooner. I hate to say ‘anti-ageing’ but fundamentally that’s what it comes down too and so it’s time I started taking note of what I need to start incorporating into my routine. With that in mind, this product from Vichy couldn’t be better timed. Currently I have been using this as my morning moisturiser but I think it would equally work well at night, as similar to the above REN night-time facial, you can really feel the ingredients getting to work on your skin and reaping the benefits.

The next thing I need to overcome in my skincare journey is spending more than £20 on a single product; I have tried out some really fabulous products lately (i.e. the NUXE Nuxellence Detox -£48 for 50ml!- I am seriously pining for) but my reluctance to increase my skincare budget means I just have to lust, rather than buy and enjoy them. I know I need to just bite the bullet but I’m still in the process of psyching myself up for it. Also, my 12-month subscription to Look Fantastic is coming to an end next month (I think), and so it would then be a good time to reflect on the products I have received during this time, and decide what I would like to purchase in full going forward.


Revlon: “This special hair treatment actually has 10 benefits that give you gorgeously healthy, shiny and protected hair…” Of the two Uniq One products that could be received, I got the Coconut hair treatment and while it smelled nice and applied fine, it didn’t particularly wow me. I have gained a lot of hair care samples over the last 11 or so months through beauty boxes and in that time I have definitely discovered some favourites, and unless I notice a real difference quickly or just really enjoy using the product, the others just kind of add to the pile to use later… and this product from Revlon is the latter, but ask me again in a couple of months and it might be a different story.


IOMA“Enriched with PA Reviviscience which strengthens the skin’s natural barrier against environmental aggressors alongside Osmhydran which helps the skin to hold onto moisture; these moisturising tablets will leave your skin feeling perfectly soft and radiant”.  Of the box contents this month, this is the only product (if we excuse Eve Lom for reasons mentioned above) that I have yet to try so far, but just from the write up, I am positive that these will be of a similar quality to the Vichy and the REN products, and I love that these are travel size.

Have you guys tried the Look Fantastic May box or any of the products mentioned above? Thoughts?

Until next time x


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