Love Me Beauty Box: May & June Review

Hey Sweeties,

So in my efforts to learn more about beauty try new products and learn to write about them, I have subscribed to Love Me Beauty! Subscribers each month get a choice of three menus, each menu contains two full sized products and three sample sized products and once the order has been placed, it arrives a few days later. There are of course other similar subscriptions out there but for now, I am giving Love Me Beauty (LMB) a go.

When I subscribed, I was in time to just make the May box before it (the ‘boutique’) closed, unfortunately though I had some problems logging in so I missed the deadline for me to choose my box so those at LMB chose for me. This is what arrived



May Box


  1. A set of 3 notebooks
  2. Lord & Berry smudge proof waterproof eyeliner #720 Sand
  3. Nail Girls nail varnish in pink
  4. Welda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream
  5. Welda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil

I can never have enough notebooks and these are the perfect size for any bag, particularly really small, light purses.

The eyeliner is a gorgeous soft brown colour, makes a real change from my long time use of black liner, especially for the summer months when you still want to keep that eye make-up definition but not the heaviness. Although I could smudge it on my hand, I had literally just applied it but once it had set I am pretty sure it won’t be going anywhere. You want to be able to blend it on application but not to react to moisture once you’re on the go.

I haven’t had the opportunity to try the body oil yet but the hand cream is great and has a lovely orangey smell. My only criticism is the packaging looks a bit too clinical, but I can overlook that. I’ll also wait to try the nail varnish once I have removed my current colour.

So far, so good!



I struggled over the menus but I eventually pumped for Menu 1 as I am looking for a new moisturiser and the menu involved a day cream so that is what tipped the vote towards the first option.

Love me Beauty Box


  1. Montagne Jeunesse Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque
  2. Model Co lip gloss in colour ‘Fairy Floss’
  3. Beauty UK eye shadow collection
  4. Urban Veda Neem & Botanics purifying day cream
  5. NYX nail polish Coral Sensation

I love a facemask on a weekend but since discovering the fresh masks from Lush, I am reluctant to ever bother with packet facemasks again… not that they’re not good, it’s just an arse to get all the product out while trying to apply it at the same time. I am not saying I can’t multitask, of course I can but you definitely all know what I mean!

Lip gloss

The lip gloss is lovely and it’s not too sticky but the most impressive aspect is the packaging, what a genius idea putting a mirror on the side!

The eye shadow’s look good quality but they all seem to have a shimmer to them, albeit lighter on some than others. I’m keen to know how I get on with them and hope they don’t make my eyes all puffy.

The day cream feels nice but I need to try it for a few days to really determine my thoughts. What I will say is that it has a smell to it that I can’t quite put my finger on, initially I thought it was like tee tree oil but it isn’t but it has that sort of nostril cleansing aroma to it. I’m not saying it’s not nice, it’s fine but maybe I would prefer something more subtle for a face cream? Hmmm, leave that one with me.

My response to the nail varnish is same as above. But I much prefer this colour to the pink one, this one for me, is a lot more wearable and I really like the bottle.

I’m already looking forward to July…

Until next time x



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