Lucy Mecklenburgh Body Beautiful Book Review

Be Body Beautiful

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You’ll remember from my post a couple of weeks back (The Fitness Plan) that I had recently purchased Body Beautiful by Lucy Mecklenburgh. I mentioned that although I wouldn’t say that I am a fan of hers, I do admire her success and that she is her own boss creating (and running) two businesses. I also do admire her drive for fitness and healthy living so of all the books of this type out there, I figured hers might be worth a read.

The book is divided into seven chapters: My Journey – Motivate – Nourish – Energize – The Recipes – Transform – A Healthy, Happy New You.

The book I think is a great mixture of Lucy’s story, healthy recipes and exercise plans as well as the right level of motivation to get you up out of your seat and setting out to achieve what Lucy and her team are encouraging readers to do, particularly those that aren’t keen on gyms. As someone that already exercises and eats well or at least, a moderate diet, maybe I am the wrong person to be reviewing the book as to be honest I am not in a postion to need to try out the plans…yet! But, you only have to look at Instagram or Twitter to read and see evidence that Lucy’s advice not only works, people are championing it and openly sharing their love for the book and their new, svelte figures and lifetyles.

Be Body Beautiful

For me, I actually really enjoyed reading about Lucy’s life, particularly where she has come from and how she ended up on The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE). She spoke about her life to provide a context to why she has gone down a path of health and fitness and not be like every other celebrity releasing their autobiography before they have actually really done anything. Lucy’s point of view was actually quite refreshing and although she did on occassion tread thinly on making being a size 12 seem fat, she did well to drive home the point about your body being yours and you know when you’re not at your best. A size 12 isn’t fat but on some petite frames such sizes can appear big so she does have a point… sort of.

Be Body Beautiful

I have yet to try out some of the recipes supplied in the book, particularly the smoothies which for the most part look delicious, but while we’re still in the midst of winter, this is something I’ll come back to and try out once the weather turns warmer and the evenings lighter and my exercise plan adapts and increases. If it didn’t cost the best part of £500 I would also actually be quite keen to attend one of Lucy’s Booty Camps…

The only thing that actually really irritated me throughout the book was the American use of the letter ‘Z’ in replacement of ‘S’ (hense the above chapter ‘Energize’ instead of energise). Really annoying. But as that is really the only fault I can find and feel the need to mention, I think you can be assured that this book recieves my seal of approval and purchasing it yourself certainly wouldn’t be money wasted.

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