My Recent Lush Haul -Bubble Bars, Bath Bombs & Face Masks

Hi, my name is Claire and I love hauls (All: hi Claire).

So yes, I’ll admit it, providing I have sufficient funds I really enjoy that time when stocks run low and the weekend is earmarked for a haul; is there anything better?

Except for the alluring shop fronts of Boots and Superdrug, Lush is quite possibly the most enticing shop on the high street for its colourful glow and bath bomb aroma wafting out onto the street. I can scarcely ever resist.

So what goodies made it into my basket?

Lush haul

Bath Bombs

Avobath: I love this almost purely for its fragrance; it makes my bathroom smell so fresh so this is always the first to be replaced.

Avobath Lush

The same also has to be said for Fizzbanger, I really like fresh scented products so this is a real winner and it also does something quite radical in the bath once you drop it in.

Fizzbanger Lush

Bubbles courtesy of Radox

Bubbles courtesy of Radox

Bubble Bars

The Comforter is quite possibly my new favourite -it’s amazing! Prior to trying this one or even when I am using one of the other bath bombs, I do add into the bath a little bit of Radox with them just so that I am not literally just bathing in coloured water. Do you know what I mean? But The Comforter, wow! As you crumble it under the running tap, it turns the water pink and fills it with fluffy bubbles, like completely. I find that you only need to use half of the bar at any one time (unless of course you’re crumbling it into a bath the size of a swimming pool!) as it produces plenty of bubbles and it does something incredible with the water. It doesn’t just turn pink and smells of candy, it becomes and feels incredibly silky on the skin. So lush!

The Comforter



I have never tried Creamy Candy before and I bagged this one almost solely on its cuteness and you’ll agree with me right that it is cute! I’m keen to see how it performs against The Comforter.

Creamy Candy

Fresh Face Masks

I know Lush do a whole range of face masks but I just so loved using Brazened Honey last time that I just had to get it again. I don’t really have the time or patience to be doing a face mask more than once a week but on a weekend when I can run myself a hot bath, stick in a bath bomb of some kind and relax away, it makes sense to do a face mask at the same time and Lush’s Brazened Honey is my number one choice.

Brazened Honey

You’ll notice a couple of other Lush products in my basket which aren’t quite yet ready for replacing. I have Happy Hippy which when I first used it the smell surprised me a bit and I thought I wasn’t keen but then I just found myself using it time and time again and now I find it actually quite addictive. Secondly I have Snow Fairy which I have had to ration myself for the last couple of years. I know it sounds stupid but when I first purchased it I was a student so I managed to get another bottle over Christmas a couple of years ago and then owing to where I have been and circumstance since, I haven’t been able to get into Lush over Christmas to stock up. I am not even entirely sure it’s even still available hence why I have to severely ration it in case I run out before I can be sure it can be replaced. Does anyone know if it does still get stocked over Christmas?

Right, so if you’ll excuse me… I am off to run myself a bath.

Until next time x



  1. aliceofanotherworld 21st August 2014 / 3:30 pm

    I’ll have to give all of these a sniff when I next go into lush, sometimes I just can’t help myself with their products!

  2. V 21st August 2014 / 2:22 pm

    I just love Lush!

    • Claire Way 21st August 2014 / 1:07 pm

      Yippee! Thank you for confirming x

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