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When it comes to Lush, I think people fall into two camps -either you pop in regularly, or you resist for as long as possible until you really need to go in because your stocks have run dry. You then pop in thinking you’ll pick up maybe two things, a simple in and out session, you refuse the offer of a basket. But you get distracted, you accept the offer of a basket and before you know it you have it moderately filled and are £20 poorer. This is me.

Lush Haul

Except for one of the (four) items, I purchased three never before purchased items from Lush; one because I liked the colour, and two out of intrigue. Can you guess?

Lush Haul

Lush Haul -The Comforter

If you’re a fairly regular reader of this blog, you’ll know from a previous Lush haul that I love The Comforter; it’s the perfect combination of providing a delicious smelling scent, turns the bath water pink, and best of all provides bubbles! I also like that the bar lasts for a couple of baths as you can break a bit off each time to use.

Lush Haul -Roses all the way

Roses All The Way was too beautiful to resist and with Valentine’s Day around the corner and my wedding not too far behind, I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to introduce some fun elements around the house that fuelled the whole, love is in the air kinda’ thing. This product is a soap that turns beautifully creamy as you lather it on your body.

Lush Haul -King of skin

The second of my intrigued purchases is King of Skin. I have managed to avoid it until now but it caught my attention when in store this time, long enough for me to want to know why some people love it so much. As someone that enjoys more showers than baths, it makes sense to purchase more products that can be used in-shower and I’m looking forward to giving King of Skin a go.

Lush Haul =Yoga Bomb

Finally, sometimes you just need to take it back to basics and enjoy a classic bath bomb. I haven’t tried this one before but it was purchased solely on colour appeal.

What are your favourite products from Lush? Have any of you visited the store on Oxford Street? I’ve walked past it a few times but I am not sure I have the self control to go in yet.

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