MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick Review

Hey Sweeties,

Possibly one of if not the most sought after (Mac) lipstick of 2014-present and I have managed to get my little mits on it! I have known of its existance for ages but -and I’ll be honest with you here, Sweeties- it’s only since the world went totally crazy for Velvet Teddy that my own intrigue ramped up like, massively. Like everyone else, I struggled to get hold of it and even sent my Mum off to the States to see if she could track it down to then by chance, see it was available (and still is I believe) on the Mac UK website. To say it was added swiftly into my basket is an understatement and I half expected Mac to email me later to say there had either been a mistake or that stocks had suddenly diminished.

Mac Velvet Teddy

Mac Velvet Teddy

I think laid out amongst other more vibrant colours, Velvet Teddy wouldn’t have jumped out at me or been a shade I would have thought to try however, I can totally see how people go nuts for it once they make the discovery with or without the influence of Kylie Jenner. In fact, those that were championing Velvet Teddy long before the craze I salute you!

Velvet Teddy is a very workable, everyday nudey colour. What has suprised me most though about this lipstick is how deliciously buttery and creamy it is once applied and it lasts extremely well -not of course that I would have expected anything less from a Mac product.

The lipliner that it has been paired with (Mac’s Whirl) is now possibly more elusive than Velvet Teddy but I think I have found a decent -cheaper- alternative in Kiko‘s Precision lip pencil in 300. I involved a Kiko haul/product review on here a little while ago (here) and I do genuinely think you can’t go wrong with their lipliners (or any of their products in fact). Whirl I think is more of a pink toned brown whereas Kiko‘s 300 is definitely more brown but it pairs up with Velvet Teddy beautifully providing a great base as well as a great outline of the lips to provide that much sought after shape rather than a lipstick mess. Again, Kiko liners last brilliantly but I am going off point here…

Velvet Teddy



Mac Velvet Teddy


What I have learnt today guys is that if women everywhere suddenly go crazy for something, it’s probably worth listening to the hype … you might surprise yourself and be rewarded in the long run!

Until next time x



  1. poufle 21st January 2015 / 1:09 pm

    Looks good Claire! Is it a yellow toned red, or neutral? xx

    • Claire Way 21st January 2015 / 7:02 pm

      Hey! I would say it’s more pink toned but has clear hints of brown. It’s a great lipstick, well worth the purchase 🙂

  2. Sophie 20th January 2015 / 2:06 pm

    I managed to snap this up online too!

    Sophie x

    • Claire Way 20th January 2015 / 2:13 pm

      Well done, I also think we need applauding in light of this craze for being able to get hold of Velvet Teddy! 😀

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