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For the month of July, I thought I would create a new blog series covering my favourite things. Publishing each Thursday, I will take you through some favourites of mine that aren’t beauty, and not necessarily material. Today we kick off with my favourite pairs of shoes and it was writing about Carrie Bradshaw on Sunday (here), that inspired the topic for this first post.

Dorothy Perkins

I can’t tell you how delighted I was when I purchased these heeled boots a few years ago & they won’t have cost me more than about £25, so a total bargain! Recently you have heard me bang on about my fashion scrapbooks (here), and how much they have helped inspire purchases that ultimately refine my style; this is a classic example (as below too). I saw a picture of Taylor Momsen during the heights of her Gossip Girl days wearing a pair of heeled boots in a similar style & I desperately wanted a pair to match. It took another year or two of being patient but eventually these came into my life.

Dorothy Perkins Heeled Boots

Because they are platform heels, they are incredibly comfortable to wear and the rubber sole means they have good grip so are fine for day or night. What I love most is the edge the tie-up laces create. 

River Island

Much like above, I saw a picture of Hilary Duff wearing a similar kind of open-toed, cargi coloured heeled boot and instantly fell in love. I don’t think it was too long after that I found these in River Island but at the time, they were too expensive for my small student budget, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when these cropped up in the sale. Need I say more?

River Island Heeled Boots

River Island Heeled Boots


There’s definitely a theme going on here with open-toed heels isn’t there! At one time, I think pretty much all my heeled shoes must have come from Faith as they never seemed to put a foot wrong with their designs and affordability. You can see these shoes are showing their age a little bit now as some of the studs are missing but these are still a great pair of shoes. Unlike the above two pairs, these are definitely an evening shoe.

Faith Heeled Open Toes shoes

Dorothy Perkins

My most recent purchase and thus a late entry into this post, again from Dorothy Perkins, these beauties were picked up for a mere £20 in the sale. it was one of those moments where you know those shoes were waiting for you as they were the last pair, were in my size, fitted like a dream and came in on price; it was a sign of a good day! I love the diversity of these heels, they will go well underneath trousers owing to the covered front, or they will look great with a dress or skirt due to the strappy detail. If you like these you might still be able to get hold of them in your local store, well worth the hunt if you ask me!

Dorothy Perkins Strapped Heeled Boots


…And finally, the piece de resistance, my gorgeous pair of Lipsy heels and my most favourite of my collection. I spotted these during my time working at Debenhams and with my graduation coming up, I knew these were the shoes to take me across the stage to collect my degree and to partner with my academic robes. They were expensive, but with my staff discount I got a little off which made them all the more special.

Lipsy Bow heels

Lipsy Bow Heels

On the day these got a lot of compliments but I have to be honest, they weren’t the most comfortable to wear and by the end of the day I was dying to take them off. However, they will always be my Graduation shoes and for that, will always be special and I think, even come buying shoes for my wedding (in due course), these will be tough to top.

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  1. H. E. Lexus 2nd July 2015 / 1:39 pm

    These are all some great heels. Thanks for sharing. 😉

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