My First Week in Outfits -Starting a New Job & What I Wore in my First Week

Hi Sweeties,

How are we all? I am exhausted but pleased to have my first week in my new job under my belt and happy to report that I’ve really enjoyed myself and I’ve finished the week having already successfully mastered a couple of the tasks I will be doing routinely! I know it has only been a mere 5 days but my old job, Christmas and New Year seems such a long time ago now it’s quite mental, but from conversations I have overheard in the office I don’t appear to be alone in thinking this.

So what have I got up to? Being all shiny and new and everything, the core objective really has been to get me introduced and settled into my new environment and the role. I am incredibly fortunate to be working within a lovely team of people who appear to be very approachable and supportive and I get the impression that much of the company is like this. Only yesterday, the CEO came and sat with a colleague and me at lunch in the canteen which is enormously refreshing to see in a large, global organisation as so often those at the top are unapproachable and rarely seen.

What I Got Up to in my First Week

In terms of tasks, aside from getting to grips with a couple of them as mentioned earlier, I have been reading up and watching my manager do various things so that I can later do them myself and continue to develop my understanding of how the comms team work and the individual and collective responsibilities. What I am most excited about though is hearing of possible projects I may be able to get involved with such as the company website and various internal/external publications we produce both in design and content, all stuff I am really interested in developing my skill set in!

It is definitely much more distracting working in a big open plan office, my old job saw me quite cut off within the building but in equal measure effort was made to go round and pop into my colleagues offices and say hello; we were one big family! At the new place, you only say hello really to your immediate team and anyone further you maybe get to know, the office is friendly but it’s not a family, I didn’t expect it would be and I am quite glad it isn’t. But I like that there is always something going on -people walking in, out and past constantly, my pokey-nose trait can’t help but be alert to who is walking past, what they are wearing and other general happenings and observations.

Speaking of what people are wearing, maybe you are interested to know what outfits I wore this week in my efforts to have some fun with fashion!

The Outfits

What I Wore


Monday: Black skater dress with studded bow belt from River Island (technically ebay), black New Look cardigan, tights, patent buckle shoes from Office.

Tuesday: Black dress with white collar from New Look, light brown jumper, tights, patent buckle shoes (from Office).

Wednesday: Tartan tunic dress (from River Island), tights, boots from Oasis.

Thursday: Skinny trousers and black t-shirt (with gold zip embellishments on the neck) both from Warehouse, black New Look cardigan, black sparkly flats/pumps from Accessorize.

Friday: Turquoise trouser by Red Herring (Debenhams), beige chiffon shirt from Primark, black cardigan, black sparkly flats/pumps from Accessorize.


Those familiar with this blog may recognise some of the outfits and/or items that I bought in my January haul. My favourite outfit this week was Wednesday’s ensemble, I had to be a bit careful as the tunic can ride up a bit but otherwise, paired with my Oasis boots it made for a really fun outfit!

Until next time, Sweeties! x


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