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Hey Sweeties,

So today I thought I would launch a new series of posts whereby I take the opportunity to show you my makeup collection in a bit more detail. Of course my collection is almost constantly being added to on a monthly basis but anything new will feature in haul posts and reviewed separately afterwards later. But for the most part, I can quite easily take you through some of my collection starting with: Foundations.

Foundation Collection

L’Oreal True Match, C2 Vanilla Rose

This is my no.1 favourite foundation and I have worn it for years! In fact, until the beginning of last year it had been the only foundation I had ever worn which is why once my last bottle had been used up, I refused to repurchase it until I had explored more of what the market offered.

However, despite my constant declaration of love for this foundation, I am not aware I have ever properly told you why and reviewed it on here? My bad! So, why do I love this foundation so much?

Before I go into the intimate details, the shade range is enormous and will quite literally suit every one of every skin tone. It’s also incredibly affordable at a very purse friendly £9.99 and for the quality, I honestly don’t think this can be beaten.

The packaging is simple and elegant and the pump allows easy distribution –I find two squirts on the back of my hand provide plenty of coverage for my face. As a liquid foundation, I do find it slightly watery, particularly against the other three foundations mentioned in this post later but I personally find this makes application all the more silky and quick to blend. I also find it very light to wear and certainly I don’t feel that my face feels clogged and heavy of makeup during the day. To be honest, I would struggle to find a fault with this foundation, I just love it and if I only wore one foundation for the rest of my life, I would be fine if it remained to be this one.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour Foundation, Ivory

I think aside from recent CC and BB cream buys, this is my most recent foundation purchase and by recent I mean last year. I reviewed this product shortly after buying which you can read here and you’ll remember that I loved it straight away, asides from making a complete boo with the shade.

Several months on and it’s still firmly in my collection. Against L’Oreal, this foundation is thicker in consistency but beautifully creamy and good to blend.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation

From recent blog posts I have read, lots of Bloggers seem to have bought this foundation, allowed it to drift to the back of the drawer before rediscovering it and falling in love again. I wouldn’t say that I am the same on the basis that I have forgotten about it (after all it does sit proudly on top of my dressing table with the others), but it is one that I forget I really like. To be fair, I reach so often for L’Oreal’s True Match that these other three foundations exist so that I can switch things up from time to time.

That being said, similar to Rimmel’s Lasting Finish 25 Hour foundation, this is a good one for when you feel you want a slightly heavier base. By heavier I don’t mean thick and cakey, I just mean something that feels like it has stronger coverage for colder days.

I have already reviewed this product before which you can find here.

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation

Of the lot, this is the one I wear least and I purchased because everyone was going nuts for it so I thought I would give in to the hype.  I never reviewed this product fully on here as at the time I acknowledged that so many others were already and I didn’t feel I would have anything new to say (read my original comments here).  However, I do actually really like it but I do just reach for other foundations before thinking to wear this one, but then we have just come out the other end of what felt to be a long winter. Now spring and soon the summer months settle in, this might now bump a bit closer to the front as it is lovely and radiant on the skin and appears quite dewy which except for warmer climates, is not a look I particularly like to rock. This foundation also isn’t the best with oily skin as dewy and oily are not a good mix and at times I can suffer with an oily T-zone as so many of us do.

…And one I almost forgot! Rituals Matte Finish Foundation in shade, 1

Rituals Matte finish

I hate to say that I almost forgot this one and it’s true, somehow this foundation has recently worked its way to the back of my drawer and it’s only when I was going through my existing posts (& already done the main photography for this post) that I was reminded I had it. Shameful! In my defence however, when I originally reviewed this product (here), I likened it more to a BB cream than a foundation and one I wore at weekends rather than during the week (at work).

All that aside, it is a gorgeously creamy foundation with a good but light coverage hence why the similarities with a BB cream. Now that the weather is warmer, this actually will probably become suitable to be more of an everyday foundation until I want something slightly heavier again. I bought this product in TK Maxx and went back not long after to get another bottle so I didn’t have to worry about running out anytime soon. If you did get an opportunity to try this foundation, I would definitely recommend you do so.

BB & CC Creams

BB & CC Creams

As you know I have only recently purchased the L’Oreal CC cream and Rimmel BB Cream and a review of these will be up shortly. In the meantime, the one that I have so far been using is from Smashbox (not pictured) that I purchased in a Try-it Kit (review here) and consequently soon to run out. Some months on I still use it a lot and before remembering my Rituals foundation, this has been my weekend staple. Saying that, I am unlikely to repurchase it just because it’s not so good that it overtakes all other BB & CC creams from other brands that makes it worth the additional cost. But it is really lovely and if you haven’t tried anything yet from Smashbox, the Try-It-Kit is well worth a go!

What foundations do you have in your collection and which are your favourites?

Until next time x



  1. glimmercosmo 25th May 2015 / 1:09 pm

    Gr8 review…its a gud coincidence evn m currently using both bourjois cc and rimmel London bb cream 🙂

  2. prettypinkpossum<3 12th May 2015 / 7:44 pm

    I’m a huge fan of the loreal true match foundation also it’s so good and I like that’s it’s not too heavy! I’m also a fan of no7 stay perfect foundation and the Mac studio fix fluid 🙂 x

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