My Makeup Collection: Lips

Hey Sweeties,

It’s time to show you all another area of my makeup collection, having already shown you my; foundations, blushers & eyes bringing us now onto, lips. Here goes…

lips Makeup collection

The collection! Note: the glosses in the top left compartment aren’t usually kept there, I’m not that messy 😉

I touched upon my makeup storage a while back now (here) so it’s probably time I did an update post soon, but for the purposes of this post, my collection of lip products are for the most part stored on top of my dressing table in organisers from TK MAXX and Muji.

All the glosses seen in the left on the top organiser are normally kept within my dressing table as I find I hardly use these ones, but they’re still useful to keep on hand for when I do. Essentially my core collection consists of lip liners, lipsticks and a couple of glosses as I will talk you through below. 

Lips Makeup collection

Above are my Rimmel Colour Rush Balms (reviewed here) and the not so loved version from Bourjois which I got in the Glamour Summer Edit Beauty Box (here). However, the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks (here) are still up there as one of my most favourite products within my whole makeup collection, they’re that good! Although I am not the biggest user of lip gloss these days, I do really love the ones from Tanya Burr (review here) as seen on the right of the drawer.

The Topshop and other lipsticks seen above in the middle-right, I discuss further down but for me, the only product in the drawer that I seldom use is the Revlon Lip Butter as seen in the top left corner, for me I found the product sat on my teeth rather than on my lips despite careful application, and the product melted within the packaging far too easily making it messy. Not a fan.

lips - Topshop Lipsticks

Topshop Lipsticks swatch

I love Topshop for their lipsticks! As you can see above, I own six in my collection (so far) and I find the colour pay off fantastic. My favourites are Depth which is such a weekend staple during the winter, & I recently discovered that The Damned & Partition layer really nicely together. The only mistake purchase was Nevada which is a shame as it’s a lovely nude but on me it completely washes out my lips to the point that it looks like I don’t have any, ha! I reviewed my original collection a while back here.

lips - Rimmel lipsticks

Rimmel are also great for their lipsticks, particularly the ones by Kate (Moss). As with all my lipsticks, I sometimes come very close to almost purchasing exactly the same colour repeatedly as in my moments on weakness in store, I get pulled in so easily by all the pretty shades. Anyone else suffer with this?

Lipstick collection

Above: The one from Givenchy is sample size and one my Mum got when she was purchasing some things over in Sephora at Christmas. Of the above, I love the one from Smashbox (review here) as it’s such a high quality lipstick, very much in the realm of those from Mac.

Mac lipstick collection

Speaking about Mac, I own just the two at the moment from this brand -Lazy Day (left) and the hugely popular Velvet Teddy (reviewed here). I have no doubt more will be added over time.

Lipliner collection

…And finally, lip liners! I highly recommend the ones from Kiko (review here) and I really like the Rimmel Exagerate Full Colour lip liner in 063, East End Snob.

What are your favourite lip products? Any recommendations?

Until next time x



  1. Herl Rodrin 21st August 2015 / 8:56 pm

    Gorgeous post! I love lippies! ☺

  2. JustJayBeauty 21st August 2015 / 9:29 am

    I love how you’ve displayed your lip products, so pretty! X

  3. V 20th August 2015 / 6:00 pm

    I’m jealous of how organized you are! All my makeup gets thrown in a bin lol

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