My Quest for a Jumpsuit

Hey Sweeites,

Today while out for a mooch, I decided that there was no better time than to try on some jumpsuits a) because the high street is full of them at the moment b) because I have a wedding to attend coming up where I feel a jumpsuit would be the perfect attire and C) to determine if I can actually pull off such a fashion summer staple!

The two shops that have (I feel) the best selection are River Island and Miss Selfridge, or at least those at the two shops that I have ventured into several times recently and been attracted to their stock. Today between the two stores I tried on five -2 from River Island, 3 from Miss Selfridge.

At one time in my life, I would’ve bought there and then without thinking about how much I would wear them or price… now however, I am very much living within a strict budget. With an item of clothing like a jumpsuit, this isn’t something I may wear a lot or if it is, it needs to be able to transfer between seasons and occassions so that I really can make the most of it. For price, being able to budget £40-45 will buy you a really nice, quality jumpsuit and this seems to be how much the high street are selling them at.

Before I show you what I tried on (yes, I did take selfies from the changing room!) please bear in mind that the changing space is tiny, the light was crap and my hair and make-up was simple so I am really not doing myself or the clothes much justice so bear with! Try to imagine me with a top knott and more defined make-up…

River Island

Ok so the first one I tried on was this zebra pattened one from River Island, to look at on a hanger, I love it… on me, I don’t. I am only 5 ft 4” and although I am trim ish from my running and hockey, I am not skinny slim. This jumpsuit I think needs someone that is taller and whose personality can pull off the wild pattern.

Black Zebra jumpsuit River Island

River Island

Zebra Jumpsuit River Island


The second one from River Island that I tried on was this black one which I think looks tons better (do excuse the sunglasses…) and I think is a definate contender should I be brave and go for one. I also think that in light of my critweria that I would hope and need the item to transfer between seasons and occassions, a simple black one would do the trick! This jumpsuit also seemed to be missing the belt it comes with…

Black Jumpsuit River Island Black Jumpsuit River Island


Upon leaving the shop I felt I was sure that block colour was the only way forward as pattern clearly wasn’t going to work but things changed when in Miss Selfridge as I picked up three* different styles, two are shown below.

Miss Selfridge

The first jumpsuit I picked up was this strapless one, I just think it looks so pretty and because the pattern isn’t as crazy like the one earlier, I figured it was worth a go. As you can see I think it looks nice on but I wasn’t able to do up the back zip (primarily because I was on my own but also I think the size up would have given me that bit more movability). Although I really like it it’s top of the budget and unfortanutely it would be one of those items that for now looks great but if I put on even the slightest bit of weight, I won’t be able to wear it. Of course that is a great motivator to keep in shape but we all know how hard that is sometimes…

Miss Selfridge Jumpsuit Miss Selfridge Jumpsuit


Ok, another pattern. This looks better but the material and overall appearance of it puts the jumpsuit in the casual wear category. It’s lovely but I think I might prefer something a bit smarter? Thoughts? Or maybe if my budget allowed for two, this would win for something more playful…

Miss Selfridge Aztec Jumpsuit Miss Selfridge Aztec Jumpsuit

*The third jumpsuit I picked up to try on was another simple black one (see below) but as they only had a size 10 in stock, it didn’t pull past my deriere so I will have to go back and seek out a 12. It’s crazy how sizing varies so much between store to store!

Miss Selfridge Jumpsuit -Black Cami

So in conclusion Sweeties, I have at least been reassured from today that a jumpsuit isn’t totally out of the question should I want one but I do need the opinion of at least a second person so that I make the right decision. I am taken back to that scene in Mean Girls where Gretchen says to Cady that “you wouldn’t buy a skirt without your friends seeing if it looks good on you” and this couldn’t apply more to this situation! So unless I have any takers I think poor Ian will have to accompany me on a shopping trip next week!
Until next time x



  1. frugoal 25th May 2014 / 7:03 pm

    You found some good ones, I also would love to find a jump suit this summer as well!

  2. jacqueline166 25th May 2014 / 5:53 pm

    i do like this look with the zebra patterns.
    please feel free to check out my blog.

  3. The Sartorial Coquette 25th May 2014 / 5:21 pm

    I think those all look great on you! 😀 Good luck on finding the perfect one though 🙂

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