My Week

Hi Sweeties,

So my week in summary… the earlier part of the week I was a bit down but with a three-day weekend merely hours away my spirits have perked up a bit ending the week on a more positive level. I’ll explain.


Firstly I’ll be honest with you guys as I know I am not alone but I am finding that not many are really saying it out loud but I have no doubt many of you are in a similar position… right now I am struggling a bit financially to the point where I will probably need a second job. There, I said it. I’ll further the point in saying that aside from my student loan I am not in debt but my monthly wages cover (just about) my rent, bills and petrol leaving very little for me to enjoy for myself including being able to put a bit aside in savings. For someone that I would say is quite spontaneous I now have to really budget for things. This is actually good to do anyway in practice but over the next few months I have various events and things that will need costing for that I have to start doing now. In regards to getting a second job, realistically I can’t source one until we’ve moved as there’s not much point getting a weekend job where I am currently located to only move away, and until I move I can’t get a job in the new location as it’ll cost me more in petrol (*sighs) so until then, we struggle on. This Sweeties, is just life! It’s a bit shit but ultimately it will eventually improve so this phase of life just needs riding out.

I am just at a time in life where I feel I really should have things sorted but owing to going to Uni later than my school peers this of course hasn’t happened. But that’s no bad thing, that’s just the way I have done things but with my 27th birthday in sight I just feel of course that it would be nice to look as though I have my shit together a bit more –house, nice car, good salary… but reminding myself I am a few years behind said peers needs to be done often before I throw myself into fits of anxiety. This slightly mixed way of doing things since leaving school has really done something wonderful to me that had I followed the norm I can’t believe that I would be who I am today.

But not everything is bad, there is house news which aside from stressful and a small bombshell being dropped earlier in the week very almost taking us back to square one, things are progressing which is exciting. But until I have the key in my hand and the ‘welcome’ mat laid down you’ll have to wait a bit longer to hear all the details (I’m so mean!).

Yesterday some of you will be aware that the brand of the mystery eyeliner I reviewed for Elle UK was finally revealed (see the link in my post to find out who) and it was an incredibly pleasing outcome I think for everyone involved. I have no doubt that it will probably line up to become the UK’s leading eyeliner! Although I will never consider myself or even come close to being an expert in all things beauty, I really enjoyed doing the review and being a part of a select group of people that got this opportunity so I would definitely welcome it again. I involve beauty on this blog because it’s classic girl talk which I know is a hugely popular blogger topic right now, so why wouldn’t I join in expert or not and share my own experiences? Exactly.


Until next time x


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