Nano Whitening Range from WhiteWash Laboratories

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If you have read my post about my journey post graduation (here), you’ll have learnt that some years back and before I went to University, I trained and worked as a Dental Nurse. As I have mentioned before, while my knowledge isn’t quite what it used to be regarding dentistry, I still know a thing or two and certainly from my time working in that industry, I gained a decent understanding about various cosmetic procedures and treatments, one of which being teeth whitening. If you want whiter teeth and decide to consult your dentist about this, he/she will often present this in two ways for you (depending on their practise etc.), 1. in the form of a whitening gel, or 2. laser whitening. While both of these methods work, they can be costly and in my experience of working with patients who have undergone either of these methods, a side effect can be sensitivity. Increasingly, people are turning to whitening toothpastes to achieve an improved look to their oral health and I personally, do think this is worth pursuing first, before undergoing a specific whitening treatment with your dentist.

With the above in mind, I have recently been trialling the new Nano Whitening range* from WhiteWash Laboratories -a luxury oral care and teeth whitening brand that’s backed by UK dentists. These guys have developed a new Nano range, which is free from harmful ingredients and uses nano crystal technology to re-mineralise and whiten teeth. Moving away from the Hollywood smile trend towards a healthy approach, WhiteWash Laboratories have developed Nano to encourage people to step away from controversial methods and quick-fix treatments. They champion the Floss-Wash-Brush method, akin to cleanse-tone-moisturise, if you get me!

Nano whitening

Nano whitening

Floss – Wash – Brush

I am always really confused with why mouthwash is advertised as being done after brushing in someone’s daily dental routine, I really am. The idea of brushing is so that amongst ridding your teeth of plaque and food, you use a toothpaste to fundamentally coat your teeth in fluoride that protects your teeth against gum disease, decay and such things like halitosis (bad breath). So why then would you then use a mouth wash which is only going to wash away all the good work you have just done? It was therefore refreshing to finally meet a brand who had things the right way around –floss to loosen any food particles wedged between your teeth; wash to rinse away any food particles; then brush to clean. Simples!

Nano whitening

Nano whitening

So what do I think of the Nano Whitening range?

Firstly, I love the white and gold packaging; it’s clean and gives a real high-end impression of the products. Secondly, I really like the mouthwash as although by the time you come to spit, your eyes have almost popped out of your head, it’s not harsh like some mouthwashes can be. And I do actually like the toothpaste… when I can actually squeeze it out of the tube! This part of the review is quite hard because I can tell that the toothpaste works and therefore I haven’t got a problem recommending it to you, but owing to its clay-like consistency because it’s made from pure ingredients (whereas your everyday toothpaste is water based), it’s just impossible to get out of the tube. I know it’s traditional for toothpaste to be packaged in tubes, I honestly think though this product and similar products, would be better in tubs or packaging that you can scoop product onto your toothbrush. The packaging aside however, I did notice a difference to my teeth from the off, as because the toothpaste is clay-like, it’s gritty which means that it gently exfoliates the enamel to leave your teeth feeling -and looking- a lot cleaner and whiter, than you would achieve from your normal everyday toothpaste.

Is teeth whitening something you guys would look into? Why is it important to you to have a whiter smile?

The Nano whitening range is currently exclusive to Harrods and available online.

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*PR sample


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