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Some months ago now I posted about going to the Nirvana Spa in Wokingham with my Mum (here), and while I was there we picked up some skin care products from the nspa product range. The product I picked up for me was the skin glow mud mask; ‘a deep cleansing mask with clay and charcoal to draw out impurities.

nspa skin glow mud mask

nspa skin glow mud mask

For someone that actually really enjoys face masks, it’s amazing how little I do them which is something I have got to change. For ages I have gone between using masks from Montagne Jeunesse and Lush, but this mud mask from nspa is fantastic and I think it was no more than around £8 which is a total bargain!

When I wear a face mask, I like to really feel that it’s doing something and this nspa mud mask does just that. I don’t yet quite understand how charcoal plays such a part in the formulation, but the mask is easy to apply, sets quickly, and washes off cleanly. Fortunately, I don’t then suffer a huge break out following use but my skin does feel amazing afterwards and I know if I increased use to weekly or even fortnightly, I would see incredible, consistent results.

nspa skin glow mud mask

nspa skin glow mud mask

Personally, I really dislike products that come in sachets as it just gets annoying trying to release all of the product, and often it’s more than you need. I love the little tub this mud mask comes in as it allows for really easy distribution and I can just take what I need, and although it’s a thick mask, it’s not messy.

On the same visit I purchased this mud mask, we also purchased a night cream and I think a moisturiser from the nspa range that my mum and mother-in-law received and from all accounts, thoroughly enjoy using. Recently I noticed some of the nspa range in my local Asda store so if you see any of the products near you, I would thoroughly recommend them as asides from being incredibly affordable, they are of excellent quality too.

What kind of face masks do you guys like to use?

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