My Pandora Rose Charm Bracelet

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It’s ironic that Pandora’s slogan in their advertising, says “for the unique woman” as I think a majority of the women I either come into contact with or pass by in the street etc. are wearing Pandora jewellery, particularly the charm bracelets. As a rule, I generally avoid anything or anywhere that I consider to be too popular, I prefer to seek out more unique finds in my clothing and accessories. That being said, if I do shop on the High Street, I’ll likely pick out items that aren’t distinctive to that one shop and definitely nothing that has been seen on a celebrity. But when it comes to accessory shopping, I might make the occasional exception and in this instance, I have of course succumbed to the Pandora Rose charm bracelet which I was bought for my birthday last year.

Pandora Rose Charm Bracelet

However, while the bracelet itself isn’t unique, a woman’s choice in the charms she later purchases or is gifted, is individual to her and her alone. For me, I like where possible for my charms to symbolise something special whether that be a character trait, an occasion or a memory. With this in mind, I so far have three charms –the Shimmering Heart; Our Special Day; and my most recent, the Remarkable Rabbit.

Pandora Rose Charm Bracelet

The heart I was bought for Christmas as until that point, my bracelet was charmless and I really liked this one and I thought it would be appropriate to be from Ian (my Husband). It’s from the same Pandora Rose theme so in the beautiful gold colour, and I like the diamond spots.

As you all know, I got married at the beginning of April and I wanted a charm to mark the occasion and I loved this one the most out of the selection available. Again in a heart shape, I love how on one side you have the groom represented with a black tux, and on the other the bride in white with a sweetheart neckline. I also really like how the edge of the charm is punctured with lots of little hearts; this charm I really feel has that added attention to detail.

Pandora Rose Charm Bracelet

Pandora Rose Charm Bracelet

Finally, or rather, most recently, I bought myself this rabbit charm for two reasons -1. Because bunnies are my favourite animal (with horses a very close second), and 2. Because recently I lost my beautiful Lola and I just wanted something to remember her by. Also, whenever you feel a bit sad (or lonely), or you’ve done something brilliant and feel you deserve a reward, it’s common knowledge that you’ll take yourself shopping (albeit online) and make a purchase. For me, while buying this charm doesn’t bring her back, it makes me feel slightly better about her loss as I have something physical to remind me of her, it’s just getting something positive out of a wholly negative situation. Did that make sense?

Before getting my Pandora Rose bracelet, I had a charm bracelet from Swarovski which I was bought for my 21st birthday. I have a really good selection of charms for it but despite what they tell you, so many of the little crystals fall out of the charms which I found so disappointing. I rarely wear it now because I worry with every bang I’ll lose more crystals; I have of course reduced the amount of charms on there but that seems to go against why I have a charm bracelet in the first place. I took a few of the charms back to get replaced, but after a while I just gave up. I was also bought a beautiful ring from my Mum for Graduation and again, I think it’s lost a crystal or two and I’m weary of wearing it. As a result, I now simply do not shop at Swarovski.

What charm bracelets do you have? What are your favourite charms?


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  1. Sophie 10th June 2016 / 2:27 pm

    Lovely thoughts behind each charm, the bride/groom one is so cute!! I love my Pandora charm bracelet, it has so many nice memories.

    Sophie xx

    • Claire 12th June 2016 / 4:38 pm

      Thank you 🙂

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