Periods – Another Female Taboo

The female taboo: periods

Hey Sweeties,

I apologise, I am in a bit of a ranty mood and once again, I have a bit of a feminist rage going on but you guys are well used to this by now and one of the reasons (I assume), why you follow this blog (do correct me if I am wrong) because if it’s on my mind, I’m going to share it.

So, in the news this past week you may have seen the story about Kiran Gandhi who ran the London marathon on her period and chose to not wear any sanitary protection (story here). Rather than just being able to mind her own business about it (although she did write about it on her own blog), she’s had to defend herself against her decision because the world, quite frankly, found it too disgusting to possibly comprehend.  

I won’t lie, yes I think the thought of running or participating in any kind of sport with menstrual blood running down your legs and staining your clothes is quite disgusting, in the same way that it’s disgusting when you or someone else vomits all down themselves; it’s not nice. But it’s not gross from the perspective that it’s wrong to be seen. Every woman, until she hits menopause in later life, once a month bleeds for about a week. This is life, this is how we were designed, this is normal and sometimes, despite our best intentions, it arrives without warning. More than anything it shows we’re alive and healthy. If you’re stood in a crowd of women, chances are several of you will be on your period… so why is it such a secret? And as much as I respect other cultures, the thought that some women are considered unhygienic because it’s that time of the month is outrageous.

When will women be able to just be? Equality aside, why is it that we can’t mention periods and we have to give our vagina’s every other name under the sun because its actual anatomical name is just too embarrassing to say? Why can’t we just say and be comfortable with the word vagina? Va-gi-na! Pe-ri-od!

It just amazes me how, when man and woman both landed in this world at the same time, man got the upper hand. This isn’t me man bashing, far from it, I am just confused as to what it is about women and all the things that are natural to us and our bodies, are completely alien and taboo in society.

When I get my period, any sport or fitness classes I have planned for the week, I do think twice about doing only because as Kiran highlighted, the sanitary protection we wear, is not actually always that comfortable and like thousands, I also get a little self-conscious about it. I do also get cramps and what I want to do understandably, is curl up on the sofa. So you know what, I totally applaud Kiran for running a marathon on her period and letting it do its thing!  You go girl!

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