Rabbit Looking at the Moon

Hey Sweeties,

This is my latest masterpiece…

2013-09-20 18.36.19

“The moon is an auspicious sign to have as a Rabbit. When the Chinese look at the Full Moon, they see a Rabbit grinding the Pill of Immortality”

This painting is an amalgamation of two things, a tattoo design (my own, not yet inked) and the ‘Rabbit looking at the Moon’ -in the Chinese horoscope I am born in the year of the Rabbit, but more specifically, Rabbit Looking At The Moon.

“You are associated with strength of character and endurance. People tend to trust you implicitly, and look up to you. Using all your skills, you do your job thoroughly” 

The tattoo design incorporated the word ‘family’ within the circle of a tree which represented the circle of trust and symbols of unity. Here, I have still used the tree to shape the painting and still embedded the word family within it… the rabbit still looks at the moon.




In many respects, this painting then, is about me. I am the rabbit and I do interestingly, find the moon both to be something I am drawn to as well as find it to be a very calming influence. which is why the Chinese ‘Rabbit looking at the Moon’ works so well, representing my literal enjoyment, of looking at the moon. I care greatly about my family, they are something that provide me with security but equally something I feel I have to secure myself which is why I have painted it both within and partly underneath the tree.

The painting in many respects was painted without much thought as initially it was that idea of combining the two ideas, its only upon completion have I looked at it critically and made my own interpretations of why I have laid it out the way I have. For instance, the quote earlier about my character… “People tend to trust you implicitly, and look up to you” -I have painted the Rabbit on top of the word ‘Family’ but yet the tree still towers over…. I’ll leave the rest up to you.

Until next time x



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