Ramp up the Red

Morning Sweeties,

Although it’s quite a poor effort, today I am Ramping up the Red in support of the British Heart Foundation by wearing red nail varnish (with glitter on top for that added sparkle) and Rimmel’s Kate Matte 110 Lipstick (one of the one’s I bought last week, remember?). I don’t actually otherwise, own anything red, it’s not a colour I feel I can pull off that easily or routinely hence why my efforts today are quite limited. But you know, it’s better to do a little than not at all and looking around the office, no one else seems to have done anything!

Ramp up the Red

So Sweeties, if some of you happen to still be in bed (lucky things!) and/or pondering over what to wear today… reach for something red and support the cause to fight heart disease!


Bye x



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