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It seems routine that all beauty bloggers, aspiring beauty bloggers and people that are just generally interested in beauty, on a monthly or at least regular basis post about their beauty favourites of that past month or of recent times. So why not join in eh?

This past month one of my favourite beauty products has been Maybelline’s Super Stay 24H Waterproof Powder (40 Fawn) which isn’t as exciting as some mascara’s and lip products I have been using, but from having quite low expectations when I bought it, I have been thoroughly impressed with the powder of which I am keen to rave.

2014-05-07 06.45.46 For years I have been using Mac’s Mineralize Skin Finish (medium) and until recently never thought to try anything else. I was looking to replace my Mac powder with something lighter on the skin, less matte looking and more purse friendly. Also just for the sake of exploring a bit of what’s out there and not just sticking to what I know, I needed change! On my new face powder mission I expected to leave the shop with a product from the Rimmel collection after hearing so much about them but actually, just by doing a quick in store test I wasn’t convinced it was the product for me which is how I stumbled upon Maybelline’s Super Stay 24h powder.

Powder sizedThe packaging doesn’t scream “buy me” but for £6.99 it was worth a punt and I am so pleased I did. It’s light and smooth on the skin and although I debated shades ‘nude’ or ‘fawn’ (I eventually settled with fawn), it works fantastically with my skin tone and lasts all day. It’s one of my favourite beauty products at the moment on the basis that it was such a surprise to so love using it and actually, because I found it by myself without direction or influence from another blogger/ beauty review assuming that because they like it I would.

The second beauty item I am really enjoying at the moment is the Bourjois Beauty’ Full volume black khôl mascara which I got as part of a gift set with my Company magazine subscription.

Mascara sizedI was a bit unsure before using it as the applicator didn’t fill me with confidence that it would apply all that nicely but actually, really rather impressed! My usual mascara of choice (as you have no doubt seen) is Maybelline’s the Falsies volum’ Express, black drama and/or Benefit’s They’re Real. I like thick, black lashes and it has been a real mission finding the mascara’s to achieve this on the high street but I think between these three I am pretty much there!

Mascara & applicator sizedI was a bit fearful that the Bourjois mascara would be a bit pricey (by ‘pricey’ I mean over £10) but when I was last in Boots I had a quick look and was pleased to see it can be purchased for the purse friendly amount of £7.99! Of course for the right item I will spend more but while I am on such a tight spending limit with anything right now, price really does play a large part in my product selection, especially if I am trying something new. I also feel that the high-street has so much to offer that unless the product really is truly and utterly fantastic, quality products can be purchased for under a tenner each and there’s no need to spend more.

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