How to Replant Succulents into Jars

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Hey Sweeties,

Let’s start with some formalities… “Hi, I’m Claire and I love gardening” (all:) “Hi Claire”

Ok, so now that’s out of the way, I have no doubt I have alienated some of you because gardening is obviously something far too boring to comprehend. For the rest, let me share with you my garden as now it’s spring and summer approaches there will be more of these kind of posts coming your way! However, for this particular post, DIY lovers may also take an interest, particularly if they don’t have any outside space themselves.

To bring you up to speed, as you’ll remember last year Ian and I purchased our first house together (here) and with that a garden which I haven’t had access to since leaving the family nest eight years ago; some of my most favourite memories of my childhood are those playing in the garden and helping my Dad.

When we got the keys, this is how our garden looked…


The grass, dead and the beds all overgrown with stinging nettles and while the weather was good we got stuck in straight away, managing to get the garden stripped back to bare before the winter. Now, aside from some light weeding needed, we’re good to begin creating (and enjoying) our outside space.

However, before we start filling the garden with flowers, shrubs and fruit trees… maybe even a vegetable patch, I had an inexpensive idea of how to bring some plant life into the house and making use of some old glass candle jars; an idea you have no doubt seen before!

You will need…


An old candle container, or jar (you don’t have to limit yourself to just one!)…


Some succulent plants -I bought these four from Homebase for a very purse friendly 99p each!

Succulent1 Succulents
Then with some compost/potting soil -a bag can cost as little as £3 from a garden retailer- arrange your succulents in your jar(s) and fill/top-up with the soil; it really couldn’t be simpler.


Succulents are funny little things, the word ‘succulent’ even more so, particularly for a plant but essentially they are a bit like cacti where they hold water in their leaves and stems so need little maintenance and care. I don’t have a tendancy to kill things but for me this is a much easier way of enjoying plants in the house on a routine basis, although you can’t beat a vase of fresh flowers!

Until next time x


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