Rituals Matte Finish Foundation Review

Rituals Review

Hey Sweeties,

You’ll remember I bought this product a couple of months ago amidst a mini haul and (SPOILER ALERT!) I have been back to TK MAXX since to get my hands on another bottle so I haven’t got to worry about running out anytime soon. After all,  why wait until the very end of this post to tell you how much I love this foundation?!

Before this purchase I had never tried anything from Rituals and although I don’t hear it spoken about much in the blogging world, it certainly hadn’t put me off wanting to give some products a go from the range when the opportunity presented itself.

The packagaing is simple, the product comes in a tube type bottle (or a bottle type tube?) but I like the combination of black and gold; it looks elegant and oozes quality. This product normally retails at around £17-8 but I was lucky enough to pick it up for a snip at just £4.99!

Rituals foundation

This foundation is beautifully creamy to the touch and light on the skin once applied providing a medium finish. I usually use a brush but fingers are just as good, warming up the product onto the skin before setting lightly with powder. This foundation is great for the weekend when I don’t want or need anything too heavy.

I bought this product in the shade 01 and I am lucky with how well it matches me as there were only about three shades to choose from in store, the other two being far too dark.

Rituals foundation

In the same haul where I got the foundation, I also took a chance on the Rituals eyebrow pencil in shade Brunette. This doesn’t really warrant a whole post to itself but I still felt I should share some feedback. I won’t lie to you, right now I am in the midst of a bit of a brow dilema where they are in desperate need of some shaping. Usually I would take to the tweezers myself but I want to try getting them threaded so I have them shaped professionally. Anyway, the Rituals eyebrow pencil has been great in the mean time for filling in my brows and disguising the unruly mess beneath. Although I do sometimes use a brush with powder or gell, this is for when I have time which on a routine morning I generally don’t. I like the simplicity of a pencil and this one does the job nicely.

What we have learnt from this post is that every now and then it really is worth taking a gamble on something new as like I have shown, it often pays off!

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