Royal Baby Number Two and My love for William and Kate

Hey Sweeties,

OMG there is going to another royal bambino! I’m so excited! This news also means that I now have to confess something to you… I am a MASSIVE fan of Kate & Wills (and the Royal family overall, but mostly Kate and Wills)! I know I know, bit crazy but I don’t think there is anything wrong with just being really pro and supportive of two people, like you would any of your friends… except that of course I don’t actually know Their Royal Highnesses Kate and William, but that’s just details!

My Mum does think though that I get quite unnecessarily excited as does Ian and to be honest I can’t blame them. A little while before the engagement was announced I was saying to her “any day now, Mother” so you can only imagine my reaction when William finally popped the question! The day of the wedding I was up early, bunting hanging outside my little annex (where I was living at the time), coffee poured into my Kate & Wills mug and my eyes glued to the TV watching all the guests arrive, Kate’s big reveal of the dress, the ceremony, the awkward squishy finger moment, the possession back to the palace, the kiss… ah man, what a day! The following morning I skipped down to the corner shop and bought most of the papers (yes I do mean papers -I bought a couple for different versions of coverage as I couldn’t possibly miss a slightly different angle to the same photos every single photographer got!). Ok, I do sound a bit crazy don’t I?


Oooh yeah, can't beat a bit of bunting!

Oooh yeah, can’t beat a bit of bunting!

Since the engagement, I have continued to get all the special Kate & Will’s supplement magazines in the paper (usually free with the Daily Mail, which for all other purposes I hate). These, along with the papers from the wedding, are all stored away carefully.


Yup, every memorable moment...

Yup, every memorable moment…

Although I am excited about the babies, I was more excited about the wedding. The babies are now just happy moments in the love story. This is not to say however that when Kate gave birth to Prince George, I didn’t sit in front of the TV staring at the hospital doors like everyone else, of course I was and I can only but predict I’ll be doing the exact same for bambino number 2! Do we lay down some early bets? It would be nice if it was a girl, but I think it might actually be another boy… Eek! Watch this space fellow royalists!

So yes, well I hope you don’t think any less of me following this revelation but I completely understand if you do. In my defence, in a world of war and conflict; all the stresses of Scotland deciding on independence; who is going to win Bake Off; when is the Apprentice coming back on TV; Wayne Rooney’s continuing hair loss despite surgery; Cheryl Cole’s (sorry, Fernandez-Versini) career; the growing digitalisation of print media… can you blame a girl for finding a bit of happiness in some (royal) baby news?

The coupling of Catherine and William is a genuine love match, it’s a real life fairy tale where the common girl meets her prince and I am sorry, if you can’t forgive me (albeit slightly) for allowing myself to get caught up in the loveliness that all brings, then we quite simply shouldn’t be friends.

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  1. ClaireWithTheHairMcCarthy 8th September 2014 / 9:33 pm

    I suspect you are not alone in your love for the royal couple & any baby news is always lovely to hear . I too remember their wedding day , I had just finished a few days away with work & I was due to check out if the hotel but I just could not peel myself away from the tv.. Needless to say , I checked out late! It was like a real life fairy tale & they were just so beautiful & so elegant .. One if my favourite tv moments .

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