Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Him and Her | Blogmas Day 17

Hey Sweeties,

I think Secret Santa is an excellent thing to do at Christmas at work and with friends; it not only can keep costs down, particularly if you have a lot of people to buy for, but it also provides opportunity for a bit of a challenge.

However everyone will approach it differently, some people will be really thoughtful with their Secret Santa gift and try and purchase something that is as close to the set budget as possible (if not a little bit more), and others just won’t. It can be frustrating if you’ve taken the time to really find something that the other person will like, and then in return you receive a piece of tat that will just go straight into the ‘stuff to sell at car boot’ pile in the New Year.

Personally, I think there isn’t really an excuse not to put a bit of thought into your Secret Santa gift; after all you’ve probably volunteered to join in rather than be forced… and there is this thing now called, ‘the internet’ that has made gift buying so much easier. So, with that in mind, I’ve pulled together some ideas on Pinterest for some Secret Santa gift ideas for both him and her -see my dedicated boards for the links to the gift ideas if any take your interest. Most of the ideas I have pulled are for a budget between £5-10.

Ideas for Her:

Secret Santa gifts for her

There is no doubt that women (on the whole) are far easier to buy for than men, I mean, challenge me on this, sure… but we all know it’s true. Also, I find there’s a lot of choice out there for gifts for £10 and under that are all of good quality and something your colleague and/or friend will actually really appreciate and use. Candles, cushions, mugs, beauty sets… how do you select just one thing?

Ideas for Him: 

Secret Santa gifts for him

For the second year in a row, I got a male colleague for my work Secret Santa and unfortunately I really don’t know him. So, the first thing I did was add him on Facebook to see if I could get some ideas from what he or his family posts, and all I could see what posts about his cat… or his son. This wasn’t all that significant until I started doing some online hunting for gift ideas and I came across this; while it was slightly over the £10 budget, I knew it was perfect! Had I not bought that particular gift though, I loved the Batman egg cup seen in the image above.

What was the best Secret Santa gift you have ever been bought? Or maybe something you bought for someone else?

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