Sometimes it’s Okay to admit that you’re Lonely

Hey Sweeties,

Social media is just one big highlight reel, we know this. On a weekend, Instagram particularly is full of avocado mash on toast; cups of tea; and people’s pajama bottoms on white bed sheets.


I’m lonely, I’m real fucking lonely.

I have friends, of course I do, but I’ve moved around so much I don’t live near any of them.

I’m too old to be hitting the clubs with the teens but inside, I know I still have this unspent energy to go wild in Ibiza; but I’ll never get that opportunity because life. It’ll also get to like 1AM and I’ll probably want my bed.

There’s a difference between living and being alive. I love life but the last time I really felt alive and had this amazing energy pulse through me was last October in Las Vegas. We were out on the strip and it was one of those rare moments where great company, a great location and being away from your real life just synced together and it was incredible.

Sometimes I can forget being lonely and have an amazing day out with myself because fortunately I am my own best friend and I like me. But sometimes I just need somebody else there too. “But you’re married?” I hear you shout; yes I am and my husband is my best friend and my rock in life, but life means he often works late and at weekends. So yeah, you can be married and lonely.

So what’s the solution?

Well sometimes it’s okay to just be like, you know what? today I just don’t care. Sit at home on the sofa and watch Disney. Other times, you make yourself go out because often I need little to enjoy myself and once I’m out, I can easily find enjoyment in the everyday. But it’s okay to be sad.

Tomorrow I won’t be lonely, today I am and that’s why I have written this post and in a minute, I might go out for a long walk, or I might continue just sitting. It’s just life and sometimes we forget to be honest with everyone, always hiding behind a handful of highlight reels that give a false illusion of perfection. Not everyone even likes avocado.

Until next time x


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